Staff of the Peppermint Twist

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Staff of the Peppermint Twist
Staff of the Peppermint Twist

When you twist this staff, the world twists with it.

Type: weapon (1-handed chefstaff)
Damage: 1 - 2
Mysticality Required: 200
Cannot be traded or discarded

Spell Damage +200%
+20 Damage to Hot Spells
+20 Damage to Cold Spells
Regenerate 15-20 MP per adventure

(In-game plural: Staves of the Peppermint Twist)
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Item number: 10424
Description ID: 676343541
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Chefstaff8.gif peppermint spine 3 green and red beans 3 mounds of super-sweet fish goo (spoiled) 3 salty gumdrops 3 intact anemone spikes
Equals.gif Staff of the Peppermint Twist

In Combat

Jiggle your Staff of the Peppermint Twist

You jiggle the staff and reality twists around you. Your opponent gets caught in the spiral and distorts -- painfully.

Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by 25 (100 Underwater)
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by 25 (100 Underwater)


  • Staggers the enemy.
  • You can only jiggle your staff once per fight.

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