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star chart
star chart

This chart is a device used by astronomers for deciding that a random cluster of stars actually looks like something.

Selling Price: 100 Meat.

(In-game plural: star charts)
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Obtained From

The Hole in the Sky
greasy desk bell
Astrologer of Shub-Jigguwatt

When Used

Starchart big.gif
A Star Chart

You look at the chart. It's filled with shifting patterns, celestial formulae, glowing blueprints. What will you make out of your X stars and Y lines?
Item: (click for description) Price:
Starkey.gif Richard's star key star 8 line 7 star chart 1
Starbuck.gif star buckler star 4 line 6 star chart 1
Starhat.gif star hat star 5 line 3 star chart 1
Starpants.gif star pants star 7 line 7 star chart 1
Starfish.gif star starfish star 6 line 4 star chart 1
Starspat.gif star spatula star 5 line 5 star chart 1
Sboomer.gif star boomerang star 4 line 5 star chart 1
Sstiletto.gif star stiletto star 5 line 4 star chart 1
Starbow.gif star crossbow star 5 line 6 star chart 1
Starstaff.gif star staff star 6 line 5 star chart 1
Starsword.gif star sword star 7 line 4 star chart 1
Starstar.gif star throwing star star 4 line 2 star chart 1
Starshirt.gif star shirt star 15 line 15 star chart 1

You have:

star X stars
line Y lines
star chart Z star charts

When creating an item:

You place the stars and lines on the chart -- the chart bursts into flames and leaves behind a sweet star item!

SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]

When you're out of star charts:

You don't have any more star charts. Aww.

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  • On an announcement on April 24, 2013, star charts were changed to be much friendlier. Before, it was just an interface with 2 fields, one for stars and one for lines.
    • Attempting to use a combination of stars and lines that didn't make anything gave the message:
You can't seem to make a reasonable picture out of that number of stars and lines.


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