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KoL has three main stats used to express your character's strengths: Muscle, Mysticality and Moxie. In general:

  • Muscle refers to your physical well-being and affects melee weapons, health, and offense
  • Mysticality refers to your magical nature and affects spells and mana points
  • Moxie refers to your style and panache and affects ranged weapons, clothing options, and defense

Each stat has two classes which rely upon it to advance levels.

When a player of level n reaches n2 + 4 points in their primary stat, they gain a level. For instance, a level 14 player reaches 142+4=200 points in their primary stat, the player advances to level 15. See the page on Advancement for information.

On the wiki, many pages refer to base and modified stats. Your base stat cannot be changed except through advancement. You can modify each stat however up and down through a variety of methods.

Many pieces of equipment require you to have a certain stat to equip it. For example, the furry pants say Moxie 60, meaning your base Moxie must be equal to 60 before you can wear furry pants.

Some locations that recommend your character's modified main stat be a certainly value to safely adventure there. For example, The Valley of Rof L'm Fao has a recommended minimum of 68, and will ask you to confirm adventuring there if your modified main stat is lower than 68.

Some adventures in the Daily Dungeon and Fernswarthy's Basement test your modified stats to succeed.

PvP minigames can compare your stats to other players.

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