Step Up to the Table, Put the Ball in Play

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Step Up to the Table, Put the Ball in Play
Step Up to the Table, Put the Ball in Play

You toss the dentures down on Cap'm Caronch's table. "Here are your wooden teeth," you say. "There are some weird stains on them, but I'm hoping those were there when you lost them. Now I get to join your crew and set sail, right?"

"Well, almost," the Cap'm says, baring his wooden teeth in a crooked grin.

"But you gave me your word!"

"I gave ye me word as a pirate," he says, "and part of the pirate's code explicitly states that a verbal contract with a pirate isn't worth the paper it be printed on. Er, on which it be printed. Anyway, only masters at the ancient arrrt of Insult Beer Pong be truly worthy of joining my crew. Ye'll have to defeat Rickets, the current reigning champion, if ye wish to sail with Cap'm Caronch."

You turn around and address the barrr: "Hey, does anyone else have a crew I can join?" A general chorus of "no for u," "no n00bs" "que dijiste?" and "no how 2 bilge?" answers you.

You shrug and turn back to the Cap'm. "Okay, fine. Let's get this over with."

Occurs at Barrrney's Barrr with Cap'm Caronch's dentures in your inventory and leads to Arrr You Man Enough?


  • "Hey, does anyone have a crew I can join?" and "no how 2 bilge?" is a reference to Puzzle Pirates, a pirate-themed MMORPG. "Greenie" (newbie) requests to join crews (player clans) are often answered with the usual MMORPG looking-for-group response of "no n00bs," or with questions about the player's ability to do common tasks, one of which is bilging. This reference is based upon Mr. Skullhead's own experience (which he has related on the radio show) of trying to play Puzzle Pirates.
  • The adventure name is likely from the Optimus Rhyme/MC Frontalot "Ping Pong Song" (aka "Very Poorly Concealed Secret Track"), where the line "Step up to the table, put the ball in play" is a line repeated in the chorus.
  • "Que dijiste?" (bad punctuation aside) means "What did you say?" in Spanish.