Steve Belmont

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Steve %belmont%
Monster ID 2105
Locations The Boss Bat's Lair
Hit Points 50
Attack 40
Defense 40
Initiative 100
Meat None
Phylum dude
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts arm, body, head, leg
white money bag
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
Steve %belmont% You're fighting Steve van Hursing

A loud screech echoes throughout the cavern, and you enter the Boss Bat's cave just in time to see it smashed to the ground by a muscular guy in a leather skirt -- who leaps into the lair to catch a glowing red orb, striking a pose as he does so.

"Oh hey," you say. "Looks like you've got this wrapped up already. Thanks!"

The man turns around in surprise. "So! Thou appearst to challenge me already, vile bloodsucking fiend? I had expected to have to face at least four more of thy unholy minions before I could slay thee and return peace to the land!"

"Ooh, um, I'm pretty sure you have me confused with someone else? I mean, I guess I can see why you'd assume the Boss Bat was working for me, but-- aah!" You jump to the side as the guy cracks a long leather bullwhip at your face. "Hey! Cut that out!"

"Enough of your prattle, demon!" he shouts. "I will slay thee and return this curséd island to the hellish mists from which it spawned!"

"What are you even talking about?"

Hit Message(s):

His whip wraps around your neck, which hurts pretty bad despite not having to breathe anyway. Ow! Ow! Oof!

He cracks his whip at your <neck>, and cracks your <face> with his whip. Ow! Argh! Ugh!

He punches you in the solar plexus, which hurts quite a lot considering your organs don't really do anything. Must be something to do with "solar". Oof! Ow! Ugh!

Critical Hit Message:

He throws a bottle of blue liquid on the floor at your feet and AAH IT BURNS (CRITICAL HIT!) Ouch! Ooh! Eek! (hot damage)

Miss Message(s):

He tries to kick you, but doesn't really know how.

He jumps into the air while whipping, and his whip passes way over your head. He must've been expecting a taller vampire.

Fumble Message:

He leaps at you, but can't control his trajectory and misses. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Moneybag1.gifYou acquire an item: white money bag (100% chance)*

Occurs at The Boss Bat's Lair during a Dark Gyffte run.