Stone Triangle

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Were you looking for the item, stone triangle?

When the ship reaches the coordinates you specified, a hatch opens in the deck, and a giant treasure-crane emerges from somewhere belowdecks.

"Wow," you say, "that thing's pretty impressive."

"Yeah," says the navigator, "ever since aught three, all boats are required by law to have one. It's handy, though. Watch this!"

With a clanking of chains, the crane slowly descends into the water. After a few moments, the movement is reversed and the crane emerges from the ocean and swings back over the deck of the ship.


The crane opens, and a weird triangular rock hits the deck. Hmm. This thing looks... important.

  • At (59,10):
Trifrag3.gifYou acquire an item: small stone triangle
  • At (86,40):
Trifrag2.gifYou acquire an item: medium stone triangle
  • At (48,47):
Trifrag1.gifYou acquire an item: large stone triangle

No Prize

The crane opens, and a weird stone sphere hits the deck.

Powerball.gifYou acquire an item: El Vibrato power sphere


  • Upon first discovery by Noskilz, ArgghFW, and the person Werebear bought his from, each site above dropped one of the stone triangles. Subsequent visits by other players yielded an El Vibrato power sphere (originally known as a "strange stone sphere").


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