Strange Mental Acuity

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Strange Mental Acuity

Strange Mental Acuity

Your mind races with awareness. Awareness wins, but it's very, very close.

Mysticality +25%

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Effect number: 103
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  • In NetHack, eating a floating eye corpse results in gaining telepathy, with the message "You feel a strange mental acuity".
  • This skill allows a NetHack character to sense the locations of, and identify, all sentient life forms around him... but only if he has been blinded, blindfolded, or his vision has been otherwise impeded. Thus, a blind character with telepathy can fight almost like a sighted one.
  • This skill may reference Frank Herbert's Dune Messiah, in which Paul Muad'Dib is still able to see after he is blinded due to his own sort of mental acuity.

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