Stuffed Hodgman

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stuffed Hodgman
stuffed Hodgman

This is a 12-inch-tall plush replica of Hodgman, the Hoboverlord. If your G. I. Joes and Barbies ever fall on hard times and start ridin' the rails, now they'll have someone to pledge fealty to!

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded
Gift Item

(In-game plural: stuffed Hodgmen)
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Item number: 3116
Description ID: 533429176
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Obtained From

Hobopolis Town Square
Hodgman, The Hoboverlord

When Used

You pull the string on Hodgman's back and he begins to mutter.

"<random nonsense>"


  • Hodgman will say two random phrases (listed below), with interjections randomly occuring before, between and/or after the phrases.
  • Random words will be capitalized or italicized. Interjections are always italicized. And ellipses will be randomly inserted.
  • Possible phrases:
    • [Name]'s got a [object].
    • [Name]'s here.
    • [Name] gave me a [object] once.
    • [Name], [name], [verb] the [object]s.
    • [Object], [different object], [object].
    • [Object], [object], [different object].
    • [Object]?
    • [Object]s in the [different object].
    • [Object]s. [object]s in the [different object].
    • [Object]s?
    • [Verb] the [object], [verb] the [object].
    • [Verb] the [object]?
    • Are you [name]?
    • Can't find it. Can't find the [object].
    • Do you know [name]?
    • Don't be a [object].
    • Don't tell [name].
    • Gotta [verb] the [object].
    • Have you seen [name]?
    • How many [object]s.
    • I'm looking for [name].
    • I [verbed] the [object], but I did not [other verb] the [other object].
    • I know [name].
    • It's [name], [name] is...
    • Lost the [object]s. [Name]'s gonna be mad.
    • Too many [object]s.
    • Where's [name]?
    • Where's my [object]?
    • Which [object]? Tell me which [object].
  • Names: Grandma, Little Sister, Mama, Napoleon, Papa, The Pope, Uncle <firstname>, <firstname> <lastname>, Mr. <lastname>, Mrs. <lastname>, Old Man <lastname>, <lastname>
  • Objects: banana, bench, boxcar, breakfast, campfire, chair, circus, club, coat, cup of coffee, desk, egg, icebox, junk, lamp, mailbox, milk, motorcycle, mushroom, newspaper, pastry, pocketknife, porch swing, pork chop, radio, radish, sandwich, shirt, statue, table, telephone, toast, toybox, train, trolley, wallpaper, watermelon, weightlifter, window
    • Objects with special plural forms (i.e. other than appending an "s") seem to come out singular. Probably a bug.
  • Verbs: avoid, buy, dance with, eat, finish, forget, hit, park, pinch, play, play with, remember, shake, shuffle, stab, step on, watch, wiggle
  • Past verbs: ate, avoided, bought, broke, cleaned, flew, forgot, killed, played with, polished, rode, stepped on, stole, took, touched, wrote
  • Random interjections: Brrrrr..., Careful..., Fafafa..., Growl..., Grumble..., Hmmmmmmm..., I know..., Look out..., Mumble mumble..., Mumble..., Mutter..., One time..., Psssst..., Say..., Shhhhhh..., Tell me..., Watch it..., Watch out!...


  • One of the phrases that the stuffed Hodgman will utter follows the form of "I [verbed] the [object], but I did not [other verb] the [other object]", e.g. "I ate the pork chop, but I did not stop the runaway train." This may be a reference to the song I Shot The Sheriff ("I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy.")


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