Summoning Chamber

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Demon names now show up in your quest log. Patterns?
Summoning Chamber

Lord Spookyraven's Summoning Chamber is located behind a secret door in the Spookyraven Manor Cellar. Here you will face Lord Spookyraven in the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin. After defeating Lord Spookyraven you can use his summoning chamber to summon demons.


Lord Spookyraven This monster is Undead -- (edit metadata)

Lord Soggyraven This monster is Undead -- (edit metadata)

Jerry Bradford This monster is a Dude -- (edit metadata)
  • Item Drops: Eye of Edq
  • Meat Drop: None
  • Monster Level: 170 • Substat Gain: 42.5 • Moxie for No Hit*: 180
  • Monster Defense: 0
  • Hit Points: 0
  • Initiative: 0
  • Elemental Alignment: None
  • Damage Resistance: Indeterminate
  • Note: Replaces Lord Spookyraven during a Pocket Familiars Ascension.

Greg Dagreasy This monster is a Dude -- (edit metadata)
  • Item Drops: red money bag, Eye of Edq
  • Meat Drop: None
  • Monster Level: 200 • Substat Gain: 50 • Moxie for No Hit*: 210
  • Monster Defense: 300
  • Hit Points: 200
  • Initiative: 250
  • Elemental Alignment: None
  • Damage Resistance: 80
  • Note: Replaces Lord Spookyraven during a Dark Gyffte Ascension.

King Boo This monster is Undead -- (edit metadata)
  • Item Drops: 50 coins
  • Meat Drop: None
  • Monster Level: 180 • Substat Gain: 45 • Moxie for No Hit*: 190
  • Monster Defense: 180
  • Hit Points: 300
  • Initiative: 50
  • Elemental Alignment: None
  • Damage Resistance: 100%
  • Note: Replaces Lord Spookyraven during a Path of the Plumber Ascension.

Lord Cyberraven This monster is a Construct -- (edit metadata)
Roboss spookyraven.gif
  • Item Drops: Eye of Edq, robo-batteryq
  • Meat Drop: None
  • Monster Level: 170 • Substat Gain: 42.5 • Moxie for No Hit*: 180
  • Monster Defense: 150
  • Hit Points: 200
  • Initiative:
  • Elemental Alignment: None
  • Damage Resistance: ?
  • Note: Replaces Lord Spookyraven during a You, Robot Ascension.

Lord Sootyraven This monster is Undead -- (edit metadata)

herd of well-fed microraptors This monster is a Beast -- (edit metadata)
Dino micro.gif
  • Item Drops: Eye of Edq
  • Meat Drop: None
  • Monster Level: 200 • Substat Gain: 50 • Moxie for No Hit*: 210
  • Monster Defense: 200
  • Hit Points: 300
  • Initiative: 100
  • Elemental Alignment: None
  • Note: Replaces Lord Spookyraven during a Fall of the Dinosaurs Ascension.

As you enter the Summoning Chamber, Lord Spookyraven spins around angrily, his powdered wig wildly askew and one arm in a rough sling. "Blaſte ye, I juſt finiſhed patchyng that wall! Cannot a manne haue peaſe in hys owne ſummonyng chamber? Maye deuils take thyne eyes!" (Actually what he says is more like "Hhhhhhhccch ssssssssssss hhhhhhsssssssssshhh ccchhhhhhhh", but you're good with undead accents.)

"Yeah, it's real funny you should mention that, you old geezer," you say. "Considering that is basically what happened. Except instead of a literal 'deuil' it was an adventurer named <playername>, and it was your fault."

"Eh?" Spookyraven holds his hand up to one ear. "Speake thee up, dratte ye. Some rapſcallyon mayd off with my hearyng-trumpet, and I cannot vnderſtande a worde thou ſpeakſt."

You toss the Eye of Ed at him -- it hits his chest with a hollow thump and a puff of dust, and he catches it fumblingly. "The Eye of Edhotep!" he exclaims.

"Just Ed will do, thanks."

"But howe? I thoute it loſt, ſtolene bye that miſerable aduenturer…" He squints at you through his spectacles, and steps forward to see you better in the dim candlelight. "Bye the Outer Gods," he gasps, eyes widening. "'Tis thee! Edhotep himſelf!"

"Yeah. And I'm not happy."

"Oh greate Lord Edhotep --"


"-- howe maye I redeem myſelf in thyne eyes? Howe might I accounte for my failure to defeate that loathſome wretch's ambuſcade?"

"You could kneel when you address me, for a start," you say, crossing your arms and putting on your best glare.

Slowly, slooooowly, over the course of about four minutes, Lord Spookyraven lowers himself into a kneeling position. The act is accompanied by an orchestra of squeaks, creakings, pops, and a final dry snap.

"That's better," you say. "Now, here's the deal. You're gonna take the Eye, and you're gonna hide it again. You're gonna do it right this time. And the next time an adventurer comes knocking, they aren't gonna be leaving with part of my Staff. Got it?"

"Yes! Yes, oh greate Edho-- Ed."

"You're lucky I've mellowed a bit over the eons, or you wouldn't be getting this second chance. There will not be a third chance."

"I vnderſtand, Lord."


"This is quyte painfull." he says quietly. "Maye I riſe nowe?"

"Are you actually able to?"

"Er..." He wobbles slightly. "...Noe."

"Then maybe just kneel there for a while and think about what you've done," you say, turning and leaving the chamber.

Hell yeah. Cold as ice and twice as smooth.


Summoning Chamber

A successful summoning requires three thin black candles, a scroll of ancient forbidden unspeakable evil, and a demon name. Demon names can be obtained by adventuring in various areas, for example The Spooky Forest with Lord Spookyraven's ear trumpet equipped. The demon names are randomized for each player; it is unknown how many possibilities there are or if it is possible to guess names without discovering them from an adventure. Names do not appear to be case-sensitive, except for names from the Intergnat. A demon name may also be found when you fail a summoning and receive the crossed signal summons. Only one demon may be successfully summoned per day (you can receive as many failed summons as you choose).

Source (of name) Demon name Summoning reward Quest Log title
N/A An incorrect name The pie demon's name (sometimes) n/a
An invalid summoning The pie demon's name A cherry pie, a strawberry pie, and a lemon meringue pie Lord of the Pies
The Spooky Forest The name obtained from Hoom Hah Preternatural Greed (30 Adventures)
(+100% Meat from Monsters)
Deadest Beat
Sonofa Beach The name obtained from Every Seashell Has a Story to Tell If You're Listening Fit To Be Tide (30 Adventures)
(Regenerate 5-16 HP and MP per Adventure)
Ancient Fishlord
Pandamonium Slums The name obtained from Leavesdropping Big Flaming Whip (30 Adventures)
(+20 Hot Damage, Damage Reduction: 5)
Duke of the Underworld
The Haunted Bathroom The name obtained from These Pipes... Aren't Clean! Demonic Taint (30 Adventures)
(+30 Stench Damage)
sinister ancient tablet The name obtained from sinister ancient tablet Burning, Man (30 Adventures)
(80-100 hot damage to self or opponent)
strange cube The name obtained from a strange cube The Pleasures of the Flesh (30 Adventures)
(variable Muscle, Mysticality and Moxie % increase)
Pain Enjoyer
your father's MacGuffin diary "Tatter" Pile of smoking rags
(once per account, does not reset on ascend)
strange tiki idol puzzle "Ak'gyxoth" 3 Advanced Cocktailcrafting drinks n/a
Secret Tropical Island Volcano Lair  The name shouted by your nemesis before they fall into the lava Existential Torment (20 Adventures)
(effect unknown)
Demonic Lord of Revenge
Behind the door there is a fog "Bertrand" Silent Invasion quest n/a
The Cola Wars Battlefield (undisguised) The name obtained from Where Have All The Drunkards Gone? Infernal Thirst (30 Adventures)
(+200% Booze Drops from Monsters)
Friend of Gary
Intergnat "Neil <K' name> <Contact name>" (Case sensitive) Jacked In (25 Adventures)
(+10% Item Drops from Monsters, +20% Meat from Monsters, Spell Damage +30, Weapon Damage +40, +50% Combat Initiative)
(if Level 11) tomb ratchet, antique machete, cigarette lighter
(if Level 12) star chart
(if Level 13) Speed of the Internet (10 Adventures)
(otherwise) 1000 Meat
Cargo Cultist Shorts Name obtained from pieces in pockets 373, 222, 7, 602, 172, 251 and 282, in that order Yeg's Power (30 Adventures)
(Maximum HP +666, Maximum MP +666)
  • Before use:
You enter the Summoning Chamber. The air is heavy with evil, and otherworldly whispers echo melodramatically through your mind.
One of them asks you the name of the Demon you would summon.
  • Subsequent visits after summoning a demon today:
You step up to the altar and begin to speak, but then you notice that the air doesn't have that greasy static-electricity feel that you associate with an active magical field. It must take some time for it to recharge after a summoning attempt.
You utter "<name>" and look at Lord Spookyraven's altar, expectantly, but nothing happens.
It's obviously a potent source of magic, if only you can figure out how to operate it. Three lumps of black wax congeal on the surface, which is also dusted with flakes of fine, papery ash.
You light three black candles and place them on the altar. Holding aloft your scroll of ancient forbidden unspeakable evil, you speak the name aloud...

Incorrect Name

  • Followed by one of these results if the name was incorrect:
There is a sound like a thunderclap, and a fearsome demon appears over the altar in a burst of fire and brimstone.
"Behold, mortal!" it bellows. "You have summoned the great and mighty <demon name>, and I shall grant you your heart's desire!"
"Wow, really? That's great!" you exclaim. "...Wait, though. Did you say your name was <demon name>?"
"That is correct, mortal."
"That's weird," you reply, "because that's not what I said to the altar at all. I said '<wrong name>'.
"Hmm," ponders the demon. "We must've gotten some sort of crossed signal. Oh well. Never mind, then."
The demon vanishes in a puff of greasy black smoke.
You hear a -click-, and then another -click-, and then some buzzing, and then another -click-, and then a sort of hum, which eventually cuts off. Nothing else happens.
You hear a -click- and a strange gravelly voice says "Hey, umm, this is <wrong name>, and I'm not at home right now. So, umm, tell me what you want, and a name I can use to summon your visage, and I'll get right back to you. When I get home. Umm, okay, thanks.
...Umm, how do I make this thing stop recor-beep."
You hear a strange ethereal voice: "The party you are attempting to summon, <wrong name>, does not appear to exist. Please check the listing and try again."

Pie Demon

  • When using the name obtained from the crossed signal failed summoning:
There is a sound like a thunderclap, and a fearsome demon appears over the altar in a burst of fire and brimstone! "Behold, mortal!" it shouts. "You have summoned the great and mighty <name>, and I shall grant you your deepest heart's desire! ...Oh hey, it's you again. Is the system still messed up or whatever?"
"No no," you say. "I summoned you on purpose this time."
"Great! In that case, are you ready to receive your deepest heart's desire?"
"Oh yeah, lay it on me."
"Behold!" he shouts, gesturing at the altar, where three large delicious-looking pies materialize.
"...My deepest heart's desire is pie?"
"Yep. Pretty much everyone's is, really, though most don't realize it. It's the simple pleasures, you know?"
"Huh. Well, pie is pretty awesome..."
"Exactly! Well, I must be off. See you around." He vanishes into a puff of black smoke.
Pie.gifYou acquire an item: cherry pie
Pie.gifYou acquire an item: strawberry pie
Creampie.gifYou acquire an item: lemon meringue pie

Hoom Hah

As the name leaves your lips, there is a flash of light and a burst of acrid smoke from the altar, and a spindly, shifty-looking demon appears in front of you. "What the -- hey!" he says. "Who the heck are you? How'd you get my name?"
"Heard it in a forest somewhere," you say. "From someone who wants his fifty meat."
"What, so that jerk Gary's gettin' adventurers to do his dirty work, now? Screw that, I don't owe that guy nothin'! He needs the meat so bad, he can get it hisself. Or, huh, he can have his hired punk get it for him," he says with a sneer. He points a finger at you and you feel a slight surge of energy, followed by an acute need to acquire as much meat as you possibly can. I mean, even more so than usual. The demon laughs at the expression on your face, and then vanishes in a puff of brimstone.
Meat.gifYou acquire an effect: Preternatural Greed
(duration: 30 Adventures)

Every Seashell Has a Story To Tell

As you speak the name, the room is filled with the odor of seaweed and salt water as a large fish-headed demon materializes over the altar. "I am <name>, Ancient and Powerful Lord of the Ocea-uurrrrrk!" it says.
"Are you all right?" you ask.
"Can't... *gasp*... can't breathe! Need... water!"
"Whoops! Sorry man, I didn't know you were a fish-guy."
"Release me! I... I will grant you power! *wheeze* Quickly!"
"Okay, sure. Consider yourself released."
The demon vanishes, and you feel a burst of energy surge through you.
Waves.gifYou acquire an effect: Fit To Be Tide
(duration: 30 Adventures)


With a burst of fire, the demon you saw at the Friars' Gate appears over the altar, scowling at you. "Dammit! Look pal, I'm a very busy demon, I've got a shareholder meeting to get to, and I don't have time to be catering to the whims of every two-bit summoner who cares to call. So, make it fast, what do you want?" He snaps his fingers at you impatiently. "C'mon, c'mon, out with it."
"Uh, well," you say, "I don't really know. What can you do for me?"
He rolls his eyes. "Terrific. All right, fine, here. Basic combat power/defense enhancement." He takes off his necktie, which bursts into flames and elongates into a long thin line of fire, hovering near you like a floating, flaming bullwhip. "Happy now? Good. Ciao." He vanishes in a cloud of black smoke.
Whip.gifYou acquire an effect: Big Flaming Whip
(duration: 30 Adventures)

These Pipes... Aren't Clean

As you speak the name, you are assaulted by the singularly worst stench you have ever experienced. You reel backwards, choking, as a pulsating humanoid-shaped blob of filth materializes in front of you. "What the... what the heck?" you gasp.
"Hey dude," it says, "you summoned me. If you didn't know you were calling a coprodaemon, well, that's on you."
"Please leave."
It shrugs and vanishes, leaving a puddle of congealing yuck on the floor and a reek that you're never gonna be able to get out of your clothes.
Stench.gifYou acquire an effect: Demonic Taint
(duration: 30 Adventures)

Sinister Ancient Tablet

You light the candle and speak the name aloud. A flame-wreathed mouth appears above the altar and abruptly begins to speak.

"I already told you, Corman. This army will be ready when it's ready, and not a moment sooner. Now get lost."

The mouth vanishes, but not before belching out a gout of fire that completely engulfs you.

Fire.gifYou acquire an effect: Burning, Man
(duration: 30 Adventures)
  • After October 25, 2010:

You light the candle and speak the name aloud. A flame-wreathed mouth appears above the altar and abruptly begins to speak.

"I already told you, Corman. Your gear will be ready when it's ready, and not a moment sooner. Rome wasn't destroyed in a day, y'know. Now get lost."

The mouth vanishes, but not before belching out a gout of fire that completely engulfs you.

Fire.gifYou acquire an effect: Burning, Man
(duration: 30 Adventures)
  • After October 31, 2010:

You light the candle and speak the name aloud. A flame-wreathed mouth appears above the altar and abruptly begins to speak, barely understandable over the roaring flames and the sounds of hammers thundering against anvils.

"I already told you, Corman. Your gear will be ready when it's ready, and not a moment sooner. Rome wasn't destroyed in a day, y'know. Now get lost."

The mouth vanishes, but not before belching out a gout of fire that completely engulfs you.

Fire.gifYou acquire an effect: Burning, Man
(duration: 30 Adventures)
  • After ?:

You light the candle and speak the name aloud. A flame-wreathed mouth appears above the altar and abruptly begins to speak, barely understandable over the roaring flames and the sounds of hammers thundering against anvils.

"Our bargain has been fulfilled. There is no more to discuss."

The mouth vanishes, but not before belching out a gout of fire that completely engulfs you.

Fire.gifYou acquire an effect: Burning, Man
(duration: 30 Adventures)

Strange Cube

There is a loud click and the space above the altar... unfolds, in a positively eye-wrenching manner, forming an irregularly geometric black hole. A tall thin man, ghostly-pale and wearing a long black leather skirt steps through the portal and regards you with a face devoid of emotion. The image of a writhing and twisting snake has been sliced into the mans chest with a thin blade, and blood trickles from the wound, dripping onto the altar. More incisions cover the man's bare arms and face, along with rows of barbed metal piercings.

"So," intones the man in a raspy voice. "You have accepted my invitation."

"If you were inviting me to give you a swift kick in the balls, then yes. What the hell is your deal, buddy?"

"I am a teacher. I will show you the pleasures of the flesh." He pulls two long hooked knives from his belt. "Are you ready for your lesson?"

"Slooow down there, pal. I am not into that whole S&M scene. I prefer my pleasure without pain, thank you very much."

The ghoulish man looks disappointed. "Oh. ...Well, how about a back-rub then?"

It turns out he's an excellent masseuse[sic]?. Who would have guessed?

Reallytan.gifYou acquire an effect: The Pleasures of the Flesh
(duration: 30 Adventures)


There is a puff of smoke from behind the altar. You wander around to investigate, and see a pile of rags that seems to have materialized when you uttered the name.
Hotrags.gifYou acquire an item: pile of smoking rags
Sorry, but that only works once. Don't tell your friends!


  • When the name "Ak'gyxoth", as spelled out by the 43 tiki islands on the ocean map, was used for the first time (by player Seventh):
The chamber fills with the pounding of jungle drums as you chant the name of Ak'gyxoth. The hypnotic rhythm increases in power and volume, soon blotting out all conscious thought from your mind.
The altar erupts with a mighty gout of fire and sweet-smelling smoke, and before you stands a mighty humanoid form, its long face and high forehead decorated with bright swirls of warpaint, its body bedecked with the rainbow feathers of countless tropical birds.
"I... am... FREE!" shouts the giant in exultation. "The great tiki Ak'gyxoth, god of fruity tropical beverages, is AWAKENED!" Noticing your presence, Ak'gyxoth grins widely, almost leeringly. "Oh foolish mortal, you know not what you have wrought by summoning me this day. Soon your race will bow before me, ensnared by the delightful intoxication of alcohol-laden juices garnished with bits of fruit and colorful paper umbrellas, and given names designed to make you blush! Your cities will crumble into ruin as all mortals surrender their wills and kneel before Ak'gyxoth! Come, mortal, you must be rewarded for your part in this! What is your name?"
"Er, I'm Seventh, but actually we've got fruity girl drinks already, and we haven't..."
"No more talk, Seventh! Now is the time for celebration! Let us drink to celebrate my freedom! Drink, to the glory of Ak'gyxoth!"
Eventually, you wake up in Lord Spookyraven's summoning chamber, with a strange amulet around your neck, a paper umbrella in your ear, your head swimming with rum and the sound of jungle drums, and a tattoo you don't remember having before.
Tikiemblem.gifYou acquire an item: Emblem of Ak'gyxoth
Paperumb.gifYou acquire an item: little paper umbrella
You gain 20 Drunkenness.
Tikidemon.gif You have unlocked a new tattoo.

In chat, the following system message appeared:

System Message: Soon you will all kneel before me, intoxicated by deceptively-sweet, overly-garnished alcoholic beverages with embarrassing names!
  • When using the name "Ak'gyxoth", as spelled out by the 43 tiki islands on the ocean map:
The altar erupts in a gout of fire and coconut-scented smoke as Ak'gyxoth, resplendent in his parrot-feather cloak and bright war paint, materializes on the altar. "So! Another pitiful mortal has come to surrender its life to the pleasant intoxication of fruity girl drinks!" The walls reverberate with the tiki's booming laughter. "No human can resist their temptation! Soon you will all be my slaves, your minds destroyed by rum and fruit juice in huge fishbowl-like glasses!"
"I dunno about any of that," you reply. "I just heard you've got free drinks."
"Indeed I do, foolish mortal. Here you are. Enjoy! Enjoy your delicious tropical subservience!"
"Right. Whatever."
(Acquire 3 of the following items)
Fruitym.gifYou acquire an item: a little sump'm sump'm
Daquiri.gifYou acquire an item: calle de miel
Fruity.gifYou acquire an item: ducha de oro
Cocostraw.gifYou acquire an item: fuzzbump
Fruity.gifYou acquire an item: horizontal tango
Cocostraw.gifYou acquire an item: ocean motion
Daquiri.gifYou acquire an item: perpendicular hula
Cocostraw.gifYou acquire an item: pink pony
Martini.gifYou acquire an item: rockin' wagon
Fruity.gifYou acquire an item: roll in the hay
Rocks.gifYou acquire an item: slap and tickle
Cocostraw.gifYou acquire an item: slip 'n' slide


  • When using the name shouted by your Nemesis before he falls into the lava, if you have killed your Nemesis (the name can also be found afterward in your Quest Log's Completed Quests tab if you're one of the main 6 classes and aren't bugged):

You light the thin black candle and intone the name that [your nemesis's name] shouted before he hit the lava: <name>. The candle's thin plume of white smoke turns black, and a billowing, roiling cloud quickly forms. You stagger back, choking, as the smoke forms a demonic shape -- roughly humanoid, with large bat-like wings. Two blood-red lights shine from within the black smoke.

"Who dares to disturb me with such a paltry summoning," a deep voice rumbles. "If I could be bothered to manifest myself physically, I would strangle you with your own intestines. ...Hmm, hold on. You look familiar."

"Who are you? What did you do to [your nemesis's name], vile demon?" you shout.

"Oh, right! You're that adventurer that [your nemesis's name] was having such trouble with. Man, he/she/it was obsessed, let me tell you -- and I happen to know a thing or two about obsession, being the Lord of Revenge and all."

"Lord of Revenge?"

"[your nemesis's name] was so fixated on destroying you for all the trouble you've caused him/her/it, that he/she/it was willing to sell his/her/its soul for one final chance at vengeance. He/she/it really grew to hate you, you know. I've rarely felt such pure animosity -- it was delicious. And even with all the power I gave him/her/it, you still defeated him/her/it! I was right to hedge my bets and give you a little boost yourself. You made good use of it."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

The dark voice's laughter echoes in the chamber. "You haven't figured it out yet? All that rage, all that righteous indignation and fury you drew on to defeat [your nemesis's name]. Because of [class relevant reason], because [he|she|it] dared to desecrate an ancient [your class] shrine... You killed him/her/it for revenge, and that's my department."

"I killed him/her/it for justice!" you protest.

"'Justice' is just what the winner calls it, kid. Tomayto, tomahto. You're as much my pawn as [your nemesis's name] ever was."

"... But..."

The voice laughs again. "The truth hurts, eh kid? Don't worry, you'll get used to it. There'll be others, 'evil' people that you have to destroy for the sake of 'justice'. I hear there's a certain Sorceress you're having some trouble with, for instance?" The smoky form winks one glowing red eye. "Some day you'll need to call on me just like your old [nemesis descriptor] buddy did, and then you'll be mine for eternity."

The smoke begins to dissipate, and is all but gone when the voice makes one final comment: "I'll be looking forward to it."

You don't think you're going to get much sleep tonight.

Confused.gifYou acquire an effect: Existential Torment
(duration: 20 Adventures)
  • If you have not killed your Nemesis:

You light the candles and begin to summon... wait, who was it again? The name "<demon name>" was on the tip of your tongue, but for the life of you, you can't remember ever hearing it before. Feeling a bit confused and unwilling to summon something when you've got no idea at all what it might be, you blow out the candles and pick them back up.

(does not use up scroll or candles, but counts as your demon summoning for the day)


A white face appears above the altar. Black within black eyes open on the face and stare through you.

Black lips part to reveal, unsurprisingly, a blackness.

The lips move, speaking without sound. You memorize the particular pattern of silence in case it turns out to be important later.

Where Have All The Drunkards Gone?

There is a wet thud as a blob of lumpy flesh appears atop the altar. It opens one of its many mouths, and its breath is so redolent with booze that it makes you dizzy.

"Whaddya... -hic- whaddya waan?" it slurs. "Are you that... um. -hic- Are you in that thing with... you know. Gary's friend."

"Sure," you reply, "I'm Gary's friend.".

<Demon Name> reaches out with a soft limb and touches your shoulder. "G... Good. Gary's a -hic- Gary's a good guy."

For a moment you lock eyes with the sad sack of flesh and in that moment you are overcome with thirst.

"Oh, and -hic- hey. If you see -hic- Gary, tell him that the passhword is <brown password>

Tankard.gifYou acquire an effect: Infernal Thirst
(duration: 30 Adventures)


  • When using "Neil <K' name> <Contact name>" (case sensitive), uttered by the Intergnat after combat with the ELDRITCH HORROR prefix, and with the Intergnat active:

You light the candles and speak aloud one of the secret names of the Great Old One Shub-Internet. The altar makes seven beeps of varying tone, then emits a loud buzz of static punctuated with more beeps and chirps. Before you can react, a long gray tentacle shoots out of the altar and plunges into your ear. You don't even have time to struggle before your muscles go slack and you hear a noise that sounds roughly like "blong, blong, doo-deep!" and more static as the tentacle downloads all your opinions, desires, and other demographic data. In return for this, you are granted certain gifts...

Plug.gifYou acquire an effect: Jacked In
(duration: 25 Adventures)
Jarl bacon.gifYou acquire 10 BACON
  • If Level 11:
Ratchet.gifYou acquire an item: tomb ratchet
Machetwo.gifYou acquire an item: antique machete
Bic.gifYou acquire an item: cigarette lighter
  • If Level 12:
Starchart.gifYou acquire an item: star chart
  • If Level 13:
Fast.gifYou acquire an effect: Speed of the Internet
(duration: 10 Adventures)
  • Otherwise:
Meat.gifYou gain 1,000 Meat.

Cargo Cultist Shorts

  • When using the demon name acquired from the Cargo Cultist Shorts, in pockets 373, 222, 7, 602, 172, 251 and 282. (This name is formed of two syllables, then two syllables, then three syllables, each word starting with a capital letter and separated by spaces, each syllable starting with Y or G and ending with a vowel, changing per ascension.)

You hear a bell ringing in the distance. You look toward it and your vision collapses in on itself. For a brief eternity all is nothing, and then all is the countenance of Yeg.

Yeg blessing.gifYou acquire an effect: Yeg's Power
(duration: 30 Adventures)


  • You cannot enter the Summoning Chamber to fight Lord Spookyraven while falling-down drunk.
  • At the summoning chamber, you must manually TYPE IN the name of the demon that you heard. Once used, demon names will be saved in your Quest Log.
    • Once you summon a demon, its name will show up in your Quest Log like so:
      You have invoked X demon(s):
      ·<demon>, Lord of the Pies
      ·<demon>, the Ancient Fishlord
      ·<demon>, the Deadest Beat
      ·<demon>, Duke of the Underworld
      ·<demon>, the Stankmaster
      ·<demon>, the Demonic Lord of Revenge
      ·<demon>, the Smith
      ·<demon>, the Pain Enjoyer
      ·<demon>, Friend of Gary
    • Tatter, Ak'gyxoth, Bertrand, Neil K', and Yeg will not appear in your quest log.
  • Items are consumed when summoning, even on a failed summoning.
  • You can only successfully summon a demon once per day. Wrong names do not prevent you from summoning again that day, although trying to summon "Tatter" a second time will fail.
  • Demon names appear to be generated randomly from 3 of the following set of components: aba, ach, baal, bar, baz, beel, ben, bob, bub, buul, cat, chak, chuck, cth, den, der, dth, dur, el, foo, fun, gam, gar, gaz, gog, gol, gore, k'z'k, ka, kel, ler, mur, nya, oo, otep, red, rip, rum, tar, ty, vek, vox, vug, wait, xen, ze, zel, ziel, zuul. These components are then assembled into names matching the following patterns (replacing each letter with a component): A BC, A BCD, AB CD, A'BC, A'B'C, AB, ABC, A-B-C.
  • The name of each demon is chosen randomly for each player. There are an estimated 11,172,096 possible names, so it is extremely unlikely that we will ever be able to prove all possibilities exist.
  • Once you've learned a demon's name, you may summon it in any later life. (In other words, demon names are randomized per player but are permanent to that player.)
  • Demon name adventures are superlikely adventures that have a 1/150 chance of occurring. Good luck!
  • According to HotStuff, the system message that was supposed to accompany the first summoning of Ak'gyxoth was:
Tremble, mortals! I, the great tiki Ak'gyxoth, god of fruity tropical drinks, have been freed from my slumber by the one you call Seventh!
Soon you will all kneel before me, intoxicated by deceptively-sweet, overly-garnished alcoholic beverages with embarrassing names!
Such is the power of the great Ak'gyxoth! Invoke my name, and surrender your wits and wills to me!
  • Ascending Bad Moon does not reset the flag for Tatter. If the player has never summoned Tatter, he or she will be able to summon Tatter in Bad Moon.
  • If you copy/paste the name, make sure to leave off any trailing spaces, "Ak'gyxoth " will fail, where "Ak'gyxoth" will not
  • Although the fight against Lord Spookyraven (or his replacements) will cost an adventure, summoning a demon does not consume an adventure and can be done even while falling-down drunk.
  • The brown password message seen in the Infernal Thirst summon can be used to unlock Ish Kabibble for your clan's speakeasy.


  • Prior to the Spookyraven Manor revamp on May 14, 2014, this "zone" had these images:
    Chambera.gif Cellar2c.gif Chamber.gif
  • At an unknown time on or before July 28, 2014, the text for attempting to summon twice in one day was changed. It used to be:
    You've already summoned a demon today -- better not tempt fate any more than you already have.


  • Although there is no pattern that allows this, the demon name components "bob", "cat", "gol", "dth" and "wait" combine to form Bobcat Goldthwait.
  • The demon name component "k'z'k" is a reference to the webcomic Sluggy Freelance, in which it is the name of a demon appearing in several storylines.
  • The demon name component "zuul" is the name of one of the demons residing in Dana's refrigerator in the 1984 film Ghostbusters.
  • This area bears a remarkable resemblance to part of a haunted manor in Oblivion, in which you must pass through a wine cellar into a secret room where you bring the previous owner of the manor back to "life" and fight him.
  • Coprodaemon is a likely reference to the movie Dogma, in which the protagonists are forced to do battle with a demon made of fecal matter that Rufus, played by Chris Rock, refers to as "a shit-demon!" "Copro" is a Greek prefix that means "fecal."
  • The "click/hum" incorrect name message is a reference to Mostly Harmless, fifth in the Hitchhiker's Guide series by Douglas Adams.
  • The fact that a "pile of smoking rags" drops from the demon by the name of "Tatter", added to the fact that summoning takes a "scroll of ancient forbidden unspeakable evil," might reference The King In Rags and Tatters, an otherworldly character hinted at in Robert W. Chambers' The King in Yellow.