Swarm of fire ants

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Swarm of fire ants
Monster ID 461
Locations The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert
Hit Points 136
Attack 142
Defense 119
No-Hit 152
Initiative 60
Meat 40-60
Phylum bug
Elements hot
Resistance None
Monster Parts ant
ant agonist, ant hoe, ant pick, ant pitchfork, ant rake, ant sickle, handful of sand
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
swarm of fire ants You're fighting a swarm of fire ants

This is a swarm of tiny but very dangerous ants. They're angry about being native to a sweltering desert, and they plan to take it out on anybody who gets near them.

There is some debate among members of the Loathing Entomologist's Guild about what to call a group of these things. Some say "a swarm of fire ants," where others suggest that "an ow, ouch! dammit! ow! of fire ants" would be more appropriate.

Hit Message(s):

The ants march in a line between your <thigh> and your <thigh>, biting every spot along the way. Oof! Ow! Ouch!

One of the ants bites you, raising a painful welt on your <throat>. Eek! Ouch! Argh!

Some of the ants crawl on your <throat>, distracting you while the rest bite you on the <leg>. Ow! Argh! Ooh! Argh!

The ants go marching one by one, biting you as they go. Hurrah, I guess. Ooh! Ooh! Ugh!

Critical Hit Message:

Several of the ants form a pile behind your feet, which you promptly trip over. The entire swarm of ants converge on your prone body, biting you pretty much everywhere at once. Ugh! Ooh! Ooh!

Miss Message(s):

The ants march toward you, but you drive them away by singing some Dave Matthews.

The ants move toward you like some sort of aggressive, painful carpet, but you've had a lot of practice jumping over carpets, so you easily avoid them.

Some ants crawl into your pants, but you quickly do a dance, shaking them out.

The ants go marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah. You step on them with your shoe (or foot) hurrah! Hurrah!

Fumble Message:

The ants start to attack again, but the fire alarm sounds in the nearby ant hill. The ants go marching one by one back to the hill to put out the fire. Hurrah! Hurrah! (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Meat.gifYou gain 40-60 Meat (average: 50, stdev: 4.47)*
Potion1.gifYou acquire an item: ant agonist (21.2% chance)*
Scpowder.gifYou acquire an item: handful of sand (19.8% chance)*
Antfork.gifYou acquire an item: ant pitchfork (5% chance)*
Anthoe.gifYou acquire an item: ant hoe (5% chance)*
Antsickle.gifYou acquire an item: ant sickle (5% chance)*
Antrake.gifYou acquire an item: ant rake (5% chance)*
Antpick.gifYou acquire an item: ant pick (5% chance)*
You gain 35-36 <substat>.

Occurs at The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert.


  • Only one of the tools can drop at a time, making them all conditional drops.
  • This monster counts as a group (of size 20). It takes manifold damage from area-of-effect skills such as Wave of Sauce.


  • "The Ants Go Marching" is an old children's song with stanzas that increment from one to ten, the first two lines ending in "hurrah, hurrah" and the third line changing to rhyme with the new number. The second stanza's rhyme refers to an ant tying its shoe, hence the miss message where you use your own shoe.
  • "Ants Marching" is a song by The Dave Matthews Band, hence the one miss message.
  • Having "ants in your pants" is an expression meaning that one is anxious or restless.
  • The tools the ants drop are all farming tools, referencing the popular children's distraction the "ant farm."