Sweeping Up the Skeleton Bones

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Sweeping Up the Skeleton Bones
Sweeping Up the Skeleton Bones

As you near the pet cemetery inside the Haunted Conservatory, you see signs of a struggle near one of the old tombstones.

Looks like some skeletal animals got into fight over here. Or some regular animals got into a really, really serious fight, a long time ago.

Either way, you help yourself to the remains.

You suddenly feel less lucky.

Bonepile.gifYou acquire an item: pile of dusty animal bones

Occurs at The Haunted Conservatory while Lucky!


  • On September 20th, 2006, the day the area rolled out, this adventure gave two piles of dusty animal bones. The next day, it was reduced to one pile. Previous to this nerf, it was easily possible to collect all the parts required for the misshapen animal skeleton in one day's worth of adventures.