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I'm not sure how to add stuff but here is the description of what I got from the third choice - jackal73

shapeless wide-brimmed hat

Wide brim. Sits on your head. It's a hat. Seriously, there isn't a lot more I can say about it. It's just about the most shapeless, non-specific sort of hat you've ever seen. Sorry, no punchline. It's just a hat.

Type: hat Power: 200 Moxie Required: 200 Selling Price: 200 Meat. Cannot be traded

Enchantment: Regenerate 15-20 HP and MP per adventure Mysticality +5%

The message for not being able to afford a hat is "Are you mad? You can't afford that hat!"--Unhuman 02:52, 22 June 2008 (CDT)