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So how does one free a clannie that has been caged? I'm sitting in the cage and a clannie is adventuring in the sewers but hasn't seen me. Bakapyrite 13:12, 17 June 2008 (CDT)

If you are caged and "freed" and don't click on the "Wait For Rescue" Button, are you still "in" the cage so noone else can be captured?--Sp8z 01:52, 22 June 2008 (CDT)

Yeah, I didn't see this in the page and although I am replying to a message from 2008, I think it would be worthwhile information to put on the page! Tipmon1995 21:44, 25 January 2013 (CET)

"You get out your salt shaker and get ready to gnaw through the bars, but then your clanmate <clannie> comes down the ladder and unlocks the door of the cage. Huzzah!" --Raijinili 17:11, 9 July 2008 (CDT)

"You climb down the ladder into a small, squalid chamber with a cage in the center. You see your clanmate <clannie> letting your other clanmate, <clannie>, out of the cage.

You conclude that they've got this situation pretty much under control, so you head back up the ladder and out of the sewer."

Not one-time. I went down the ladder again and saw the same message. --Raijinili 19:20, 11 July 2008 (CDT)

Sewer Flood Message

I was getting the sewer flood message well before any of my clan reached Town Square, so defeating Hodgman can't be the reason for that message.

Furthermore, I was actually caught and rescued twice. The first time, I still received a flood/champagne message in a paragraph before I got the one about my clanmate freeing me.--GeeDee 21:14, 23 June 2008 (CDT)

Can override "At Last!"?

The current theory is that getting through the sewers involves the accumulation of 100 points. Killing a monster grants 1 point, and getting past the various obstacles in the tunnels grants more. I got trapped by the cage, immediately gnawed my way out, and on the next adventure got the At Last! adventure which moved me into Hobopolis.

This suggests that either (1) getting trapped in the cage or gnawing one's way out is worth at least a point, (2) the At Last! adventure doesn't always appear right after you accumulate 100 points, or (3) getting caged can override the At Last! adventure. I think (2) has been refuted. I'm not sure about (1), but I doubt it's the case. So it seems that the cage noncombat is a superlikely of some sort that can override At Last!--Quine 01:47, 14 July 2008 (CDT)

Could it be that it overrides everything? I cleared the sewers, even visited Richard to look what hobo parts are needed, then went to redress/rebuff myself. When coming back I accidently clicked to adventure in the sewer again (which should have gotten me some "No you can't"-message, shouldn't it?) and got caged !? One other clannie had made it through already, one was still in.--GrafSchaf 02:12, 29 July 2008 (CDT)

  • Yep, this has been noted on the forums and even the radio show. I believe you can also get the semi-rare here after you've gotten through the sewers. --Flargen 02:20, 29 July 2008 (CDT)

Waiting Option

The waiting option result where it says "You bang on the bars and yell for help, but nobody hears you. You're sad and lonely... " may be a reference To the movie/book titled Johnny Got His Gun. The lead character says something basically to this effect (in first person, of course) in the film. Should I add it in the references section? --Oldinsertnamehere

Combat or noncombat frequency?

I've noticed that I get caged very rarely when I buff noncombats, but very frequently when I buff +combats (for chum farming). Is it possible that this adventure is considered a combat? I'd be interested to hear whether anyone else has any experience or data. Smorgas 06:22, 5 September 2009 (UTC)

Could be. Last time I tried to avoid any non-combats, buffed for +20% combats and got caged 5 times (had to gnaw, tiny clan) plus 60 fights. Then I decided to give up, boosted non-combats for about the same amount and got caged twice, but with some tunnels in between. Whatever it is, +combats cannot be used to avoid this damn thing. -- Ruby Eyes 14:34, 2 June 2010 (UTC)

Can override semirare?

I just got caged when I tried to go for the semirare. Can somebody confirm this? I'm mostly certain that my last semirare was in a different zone, and that I timed it right. --Sausssage (talk) 02:56, 16 June 2014 (UTC)

  • It shouldn't be able to, unless Jick did some weird coding thing to get it to trigger. SRs should override super-likelies and regular non-combat adventures.-Toffile (talk) 03:34, 16 June 2014 (UTC)