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When used (1st time (per day?)):

   The game lights up and emits a satisfying bloop as you turn it on. The words "READY PLAYER ONE" appear on the tiny screen, and are shortly replaced with a latticework of girders, which is in turn shortly replaced by darkness as the game shuts down.
   Hmm. It must need new batteries. You turn it over, and then you go look for a screwdriver, because it's one of those battery covers with a stupid screw in it. Several minutes later, you return with a screwdriver and open the battery compartment. Looks like you need... four... Q batteries.
   Q? There's such a thing as a Q battery?
   You go to every store in Seaside Town, your annoyance slowly growing as each of them, in turn, fails to have any Q batteries in stock.
   By the time you get back home, you're nigh blind with rage.
   Gamer Rage	You acquire an effect: Gamer Rage
   (duration: 10 Adventures)

When used after first time: You're still mad about that game. Better not try messing with it again until tomorrow, or you might flip out and break it. Ghux 04:44, 25 December 2011 (CET)