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Math is easy

It seems to be a reference to player Dr_van_van_mojo's profile:

Buttons: The Axiom of Choice is clearly true, 
    the Well-Ordering Principle is clearly false, 
    and I'm not sure about Zorn's Lemma.
IvanGS: Shopping is hard, let's go MATHING! =D

-Tannenzaepfle 11:34, 14 July 2008 (CDT)

  • No, it's a reference to Teen Talk Barbie, as already stated on the page. DVVM's profile is just yet another reference to the same thing. --Quietust (t|c) 11:38, 14 July 2008 (CDT)

Adventures inside

I don't know how this should be formatted, or where it should go, so I'm putting it here. Note, having the hobo code equipped doesn't allow you to read the glyphs.

Glyphsign2.gif You step into the hustle and bustle of the hobo market, and get lost almost immediately. Everywhere you look, you see hobos trying to sell things -- hobos sitting on blankets piled with junk, hobos standing behind plywood-and-cinderblock counters piled with junk, hobos pushing shopping carts piled with junk, hobos calling from the doorways of small shacks piled with junk. Basically, there's a whole lot of hobos, and a whole lot of junk.

Still though, you might be able to find some junk that's actually useful. Stranger things have happened.

You approach a nearby signpost and squint at it for a while. Unfortunately, the squiggly hobo glyphs fail to resolve themselves into actual words for you, so it looks like you're stuck choosing a direction at random.

Wander over to the left
Wander over to the right
Wander down the middle

Math is Hard This appears to be the main shopping district. Everywhere around you, you see hobos with carts and baskets filled with... things, bartering them to other hobos for other... things. The sound of people shouting out advertisements, haggling, and generally being noisy contributes to an all-around hubbub, if not an outright hullabaloo.

You wonder, how does anyone find what they're actually looking for in all this chaos?

Oh, right, the signposts. Here's one. Pity you can't read it.

Look over in this direction
Look over in this other direction
Look over in this other other direction

Garment District glyphsign3.gif It seems that you've located the garment district. Besides the expected clothing vendors, you also see a few stalls advertising laundry and repairs, as well as numerous hobos dealing in raw materials -- mostly rags, but you spot a few trappers selling hides, and one guy with a sign reading "100% All-Natural Wool" and a nervous-looking sheep on a leash.

You consult a nearby signpost for further guidance, but don't get any, because you can't read it. It looks like you could find someone to sell you something in just about any direction, though.

Over Here
Over There
Between Here and There

A Pantry pantshobo.gif You find a market stall with a long rack of trousers of various descriptions. Shuffling through it, you find that they tend to be of three general types: hand-stitched leather leggings, sewn together from dozens of small hides -- probably rat, but there might be a small dog in there, you never know; distressed yet durable denim dungarees, with big roomy pockets and extra alliteration; and old, worn, black suit-pants with brightly-colored polka-dot patches on the knees.

As you're browsing, a man comes up and offers to measure your inseam, but since he doesn't have a tape-measure and doesn't appear to actually be a tailor, you politely refuse.

(You currently have X hobo nickels.)

Buy some leggings for 200 hobo nickels
Buy some dungarees for 150 hobo nickels
Buy some suit-pants for 250 hobo nickels

Miscellaneous Discussion

  • Unlike the Violet Fog or any other maze in the game, this maze is NOT consistant from adventure to adventure. I've adventured and picked "wander over to the left," and gotten the food market, the equipment market, and the health market on different occasions. --Sel Ibrix 01:15, 18 June 2008 (CDT)

Does this Adventure Go Away?

Is there a point where this adventure / option never comes back? If so, is this A) because of the number of times you've chosen the 'Leave' option, or B) because of the number of normal hobos that have been slain in the town square?

I'm a solo-clan operator. Consequently all Hobopolis adventures are mine to take / get the reward from. Recently, I've spent several hundred turns in the town square with no Marketplace to speak of (whereas before it had been popping up every dozen turns or so). --FuzzMuffin 10:01, 1 January 2011 (UTC)