Tanning Salon

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Tanning Salon
Tanning Salon

You step into a large tent, and discover a young, well-dressed hobo standing next to some sort of large rectangular box that looks like a cross between a coffin and a waffle-iron.

"Hello there!" the hobo says brightly. "I'm Brett. Welcome to my traveling tanning salon!"

"A tanning salon for hobos? Seriously?"

"Oh sure!" exclaims Brett. "When you travel a lot, and do migrant farm labor and stuff like that, you end up with weird tan lines. My little booth here gives you a nice, healthy, even glow! Or pallor, if you like."


"That's right, it's got two settings -- I can give you either the deep bronze glow of a muscle-beach hero, or the pasty white complexion of something that lives in a dark underground cave, eating blind fish and playing online video games."

(You currently have X hobo nickels.)

Get a Deep Tan for 5 hobo nickels

You give Brett your nickels and lie down in the tanning bed. The lid closes, and you let out a muffled scream as you experience the brightest light and most intense heat you ever imagined. After a couple minutes, Brett lets you back out. You stand up shakily, and inspect your new, very dark tan. It looks okay... certainly better than the charred black you were expecting.

Reallytan.gifYou acquire an effect: Healthy Bronze Glow
(duration: 20 Adventures)

Go Beyond the Pale for 5 hobo nickels

You give Brett your nickels and lie down in the tanning bed. The lid closes, and it suddenly gets very dark. Very, very dark. And very very cold. The combination of hypothermia and sensory deprivation causes your brain to shut down for a while.

You eventually awaken to Brett's grinning face -- the lid of the booth is open, and Brett's shaking your shoulder. You stand up unsteadily, and inspect your ghostly chalk-white anti-tan while trying to stop your teeth from chattering.

Paleface.gifYou acquire an effect: Chalky White Pallor
(duration: 20 Adventures)


You tell Brett thanks all the same, but you'd rather not have your skin pigmentation altered by a thing that looks like an iron maiden. He gives you directions out of the marketplace.

Occurs as a choice in the Salud subadventure in Hobopolis Town Square.