Teachings of the Fist

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Teachings of the Fist
Teachings of the Fist

This is some of the wisdom of the ancient masters of the Way of the Surprising Fist, in convenient, portable scroll form.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: Teachings of the Fists)
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Item number: 5220
Description ID: 525128097
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Obtained From

(NOTE: All of these special adventures will occur on your 12th overall adventure in each zone.)

The Haiku Dungeon
Five Deadly Syllables
The Poker Room
Kung-Fu Hustler
A Barroom Brawl
Drunken Bastard
The Haunted Conservatory
Dance of the Spooky Mantis
The "Fun" House
The Prodigal Clown
Menagerie Level 2
Moose in the Eagle's Shadow
Pandamonium Slums
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Demon
Orcish Frat House
37 Chambers
The Road to the White Citadel
Fist of the White Citadel
Lair of the Ninja Snowmen
Enter the Snowman

When Used

  • First scroll:
A fire burns inside you. Must've been something you ate. You concentrate until the fire moves from your gullet into your hands.
You acquire a skill: Wosp fire.gif Flying Fire Fist
  • Second scroll:
In your mind's eye, a salamander dances in and out of a fire. The camera pans back and reveal that the fire is at a disco. Cool, salamander.
You acquire a skill: Wosp sala.gif Salamander Kata
  • Third scroll:
You journey back in time to your infancy, and the time your parents reluctantly let your drunk uncle babysit you. Repressed memories flood into you like gin into a baby's mouth.
You acquire a skill: Wosp drunk.gif Drunken Baby Style
  • Fourth scroll:
You now know the smell of one hand clapping.
You acquire a skill: Wosp stink.gif Stinkpalm
  • Fifth scroll:
You ask the earth what it desires. It answers that you should mind your own business and also that you are ugly. You decide that the next time you get a chance, you're going to punch that earth jerk.
You acquire a skill: Wosp dirt.gif Worldpunch
  • Sixth scroll:
You're kinda hungry, but you stuff that hunger deep inside yourself, and compress it into a ball of rage.
You acquire a skill: Wosp knuckle.gif Knuckle Sandwich
  • Seventh scroll:
You concentrate on each of the fingers on your right hand, one by one, until you are at peace with all seven of them. Wait.
You acquire a skill: Wosp seven.gif Seven-Finger Strike
  • Eighth scroll:
A fly buzzes lazily past, and you reach out and deftly catch it with your fingers. Then you wipe your fingers,[sic] off, because gross.
You acquire a skill: Wosp fist.gif Miyagi Massage
  • Ninth scroll:
Your mind is a snake. And when you cut the snake open, it contains hundreds of smaller snakes. And when you cut those open, each of them contains your mind.
You acquire a skill: Wosp monkey.gif Chilled Monkey Brain Technique
  • Tenth scroll:
You leave your body momentarily, and end up behind yourself. While you're there, you decide to play a really awesome joke on yourself.
You acquire a skill: Wosp butt.gif Zendo Kobushi Kancho
  • Eleventh scroll:
You sense that your training is complete. Your mind is a fist. Your soul is a fist. Your body is a fist. Especially the fist part of your body.
You acquire a skill: Wosp fist.gif Master of the Surprising Fist


See Also

Surprising Fist Techniques
# Skill Type MP Cost Effect
1 Flying Fire Fist Combat 0 Deals Hot Damage. Can be boosted by turns of Salamanderenity
2 Salamander Kata Noncombat 5 (3X) turns of Salamanderenity
regenerate 3-4 MP per turn
3 Drunken Baby Style Combat 0 Deals damage based on inebriety level.
4 Stinkpalm Combat 0 Deals Stench Damage.
5 Worldpunch Noncombat 11 (X) turns of Earthen Fist
+10 damage to Fist techniques.
Allows you to mine.
6 Knuckle Sandwich Combat 0 Deals damage and reduces monster attack by 3X.
7 Seven-Finger Strike Combat 0 Deals X damage and hits 7 times in a round.
8 Miyagi Massage Noncombat 5 (3X) turns of Retrograde Relaxation
regenerate 8-10 HP per turn
9 Chilled Monkey Brain Technique Combat 0 Deals Cold Damage and stuns your opponent.
10 Zendo Kobushi Kancho Combat 0 Deals Sleaze Damage and reduces monster defense by 3X.
11 Master of the Surprising Fist Passive 0 Allows you to attack with your Surprising Fist
X is # of Teachings of the Fist used.