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{{#if:{{{num|}}}|<div style="text-align:right; float: right; font-size:80%">'''[[Choice Adventures by Number ({{#ifexpr:{{{num}}}<100|1-99|{{#expr:({{{num}}} - 50) round -2}}-{{#expr:(({{{num}}} + 50) round -2) - 1}}}})|Choice adventure number{{#if:{{{extranums|}}}|s}}]]: '''{{{num}}}{{#if:{{{extranums|}}}|, {{{extranums}}}}}'''</div>{{clear}}}}{{#ifeq:{{{type|}}}|?|{{NeedsConfirm|What type of [[encounter]] is this?}}|}}

<div style="text-align:center;font-size:10pt;">{{#ifeq:{{{noname}}}|yes||'''{{{name}}}'''<br />}}{{#ifeq:{{{noname}}}|yes|{{#if:{{{image|}}}|[[File:{{{image}}}]]}}|{{#if:{{{image|}}}|[[File:{{{image}}}|{{{name}}}]]|}}}}</div> __NOTOC__ {{#ifeq:{{{autocat|yes}}}|yes|{{#if:{{{num|}}}|[[Category:Choice Adventures]]}}

{{#switch:{{{type}}}|super|superlikely|sl=[[Category:Superlikely Adventures]]|lucky=[[Category:Lucky Adventures]]|c|clover=[[Category:Clover Adventures]]|t|turtle=[[Category:Turtle Taming Adventures]]|semirare|sr=[[Category:Semi-Rare Adventures]]|floored|floor|fl=[[Category:Floored Adventures]]|capped|cap=[[Category:Capped Adventures]]|postal|gp=[[Category:Going Postal Adventures]]|?|#default=[[Category:Non-combat Adventures]]}}|}}


This template accepts the following parameters:

  • noname= Set this value to 'yes' if you wish to suppress the adventure name from appearing above the image.
  • name= The name of the adventure. If noname is set to 'yes', this will only be used when displaying the image, provided an image is provided.
  • image= The name of the image the adventure uses. If this parameter is not passed in, no image will be displayed.
  • num= Puts a link in the upper right corner to the Choice Adventures by Number page, displaying the given text as the number(s) associated to this particular adventure page. No link is displayed if this parameter is not passed to the template.
  • type= If this is something other than a proper non-combat adventure (distinct from other types of combatless adventures, as detailed on the encounter page), you can use this parameter to make the template categorize it appropiately. Accepted inputs include:
  • autocat= Pass in anything other than "yes" if you do not want the page to automatically be categorized in the appropriate categories. The page will automatically be categorized in any other case.