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Include the {{combat}} template for each combat adventure:

{{combat|name=Ninja Snowman Weaponmaster}}

Required Parameters

  • name= the name of the monster, as it appears in bold at the top of your center pane when adventuring.
  • A data page must also exist the combat adventure.

Optional Parameters

  • noline=yes will suppress the top separator line (used for combats imbedded in choice adventures).
  • nest=X will indent the adventure by X em (used for combats imbedded in choice adventures).
  • tag=X is used to indicate one of the following special adventure types: clover, semi, turtle, seal, bm, hobo, postal.

Misfeatures / bugs

  • An optional MoxieNoHit=X parameter will show X as the "No Hit" value. This should be on the data page.
  • A missing Meat value on the data page is interpreted as "None".


  • {{Combat|name=Ninja Snowman Weaponmaster}}

Ninja Snowman Weaponmaster This monster is an Elemental -- (edit metadata)
  • {{Combat|name=Scary pirate (28 Days Later)}}

scary pirate -- (edit metadata)
  • Item Drops: Jolly Roger charrrm, snakehead charrrm, zombie pineal gland
  • Meat Drop: 41
  • Monster Level: Indeterminate • Substat Gain: 14 • Moxie for No Hit*: Indeterminate
  • Monster Defense: Indeterminate
  • Hit Points: Indeterminate
  • Initiative: Indeterminate
  • Elemental Alignment: Indeterminate
  • {{combat|name=Bad ASCII Art|tag=semi|note1=The [[ASCII shirt]] will not drop unless you have the [[Torso Awaregness]] skill.}}

11leafclover.gif Bad ASCII Art This monster is a Construct -- (edit metadata)
  • {{Combat|name=Heavy Kegtank}}

Heavy Kegtank This monster is an Orc -- (edit metadata)
  • {{combat|name=fake monster}}

fake monster Nopic2.gif -- (create metadata)

Monster data missing.

  • {{combat|name=batwinged gremlin|MoxieNoHit=∞}}

batwinged gremlin This monster is a Humanoid -- (edit metadata)
  • {{combat|name=Fake uberlime|note1=Fake UR lime note 1|note2=Fake UR lime note 2|note3=Fake UR lime note 3|note4=Fake UR lime note 4|tag=ur}}

Baiotal.gif Fake uberlime Nopic2.gif -- (create metadata)

Monster data missing.

  • Note: An ultra rare adventure.
  • Note: Fake UR lime note 1
  • Note: Fake UR lime note 2
  • Note: Fake UR lime note 3
  • Note: Fake UR lime note 4