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{{#if:{{{key|}}}|<span style="display:none;">{{#ifeq:{{{key}}}|name|{{Data|{{{1|}}}|name|{{{1}}}}}|{{{key}}}}}</span>}}{{#if:{{{1|}}}|[[File:{{Data|{{{1}}}|image|nopic2.gif}}|link={{{1}}}]] [[{{{1}}}|{{{2|{{Data|{{{1}}}|name|{{{1}}}(?)}}}}}]]|[[File:confused.gif|link=]] something...}}

This template puts a clickable item image next to a link to that item, for use in running text or simple lists. The template requires only the name of the item's page - the item's actual name (if it contains special characters) and image are fetched from the item's data page. Compare with Template:StackItem.

Also works with clan trophies, effects, familiars, and skills.



Lime.gif lime

{{InlineItem|lime|ultra lime}}

Lime.gif ultra lime


Confused.gif something...


  • You can also specify key=k to include an invisible span beforehand containing text k, to act as a sort key when this is used in tables. The literal form key=name will use the item's name from its data page as the key.