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{| style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; line-height: 150%; padding-right: 5%; padding-left: 5%;"

|- |align="center" {{#ifeq:{{{type}}}|combat|rowspan="3"}}|[[File:{{Data|{{{item|{{PAGENAME}}}}}|image|nopic2.gif}}|link={{{item|{{PAGENAME}}}}}]] |- {{#ifeq:{{{type}}}|familiar|{{!}}You put the {{Data|{{{item|{{PAGENAME}}}}}|name|{{{item|{{PAGENAME}}}}}(?)}} in your [[Familiar-Gro™ Terrarium (Campground)|Familiar-Gro™ Terrarium]].<br /><br />}} |- {{#if:{{{text|}}}| {{!}}align="center"{{!}}{{{text|}}}}} |- {{#if:{{{effect|}}}|{{!}}align="center"{{!}}{{{effect}}}}} |- {{#if:{{{adv|}}}|{{!}}align="center"{{!}}{{adv|amount={{{adv}}}}}}} |- {{#if:{{{advmin|}}}|{{!}}align="center"{{!}}{{adv|min={{{advmin}}}|max={{{advmax}}}}}}} |- {{#if:{{{advloss|}}}|{{!}}align="center"{{!}}{{adv|type=lose|amount={{{advloss}}}}}}} |- {{#ifexpr:{{#if:{{{mus|}}}|1|0}}+{{#if:{{{mys|}}}|1|0}}+{{#if:{{{mox|}}}|1|0}}>0| {{!}}{{stat|mus={{{mus|}}}|mys={{{mys|}}}|mox={{{mox|}}}}}}} |- {{#if:{{{posteffect|}}}|{{!}}align="center"{{!}}{{{posteffect}}}}} |- {{#if:{{{limiter|}}}|{{!}}align="center"{{!}}{{#switch:{{{type}}}| food=(You gain {{{limiter}}} [[Fullness]].){{#ifeq:{{{autocat|y}}}|y|[[Category:Food (By Size)|^{{{limiter}}}^{{Data|{{{item|{{PAGENAME}}}}}|name|{{{item|{{PAGENAME}}}}}}}]]|}}| booze=You gain {{{limiter}}} [[Drunkenness]].{{#ifeq:{{{autocat|y}}}|y|[[Category:Booze (By Potency)|^{{{limiter}}}^{{Data|{{{item|{{PAGENAME}}}}}|name|{{{item|{{PAGENAME}}}}}}}]]|}}| spleen=(You gain {{{limiter}}} [[Spleen]].){{#ifeq:{{{autocat|y}}}|y|[[Category:Spleen Items (By Spleen Damage)|^{{{limiter}}}^{{Data|{{{item|{{PAGENAME}}}}}|name|{{{item|{{PAGENAME}}}}}}}]]|}}}}}} |- {{#ifeq:{{{type}}}|familiar| {{!}}align="center" {{!}} [[File:{{Data|{{{becomes}}}|image|nopic2.gif}}|link={{{becomes}}}]] {{!}}- {{!}}You decide to name {{#switch:{{Data|{{{becomes}}}|gender|m}}|f=her|m=him|n=it|#default=him}} '''{{#if:{{{fname|}}}|[[Familiar Names|{{{fname}}}]]|[[Familiar Names|{{familiar name}}]]}}'''.|}}

|}{{#ifeq:{{{autocat|y}}}|y|{{#if:{{ValidNumber|{{#pos:{{{posteffect|}}}{{{effect|}}}|You have unlocked a new tattoo}}}}|[[Category:Tattoos]]}}}}



All parameters are optional. Valid paramters include:

  • item=item page name (only specify when using this template outside of the item's page, i.e. special combat item messages for tower monsters)
  • text=consumption message
  • adv=number of adventures gained
  • advloss=number of adventures lost
  • effect=any special effect granted instead of adventures (PvP fights, Oyster Egg effects, HP/MP gains or meat/item drops from general non-spleen usable items)
  • mus=gain/lose N Muscle substat points
  • mys=gain/lose N Mysticality substat points
  • mox=gain/lose N Moxie substat points
  • posteffect=any special effect granted after substat bonuses (hi mein/wad/gloomy wine effects, MP gains from booze, meat/item drops from food/booze)
  • type=food, booze, or spleen
    • |limiter=N to indicate fullness/drunkenness/spleen damage
  • or type=combat or familiar

For type=familiar, the following parameter is also needed:

  • becomes= Page name for the familiar that the associated hatchling becomes. The template will pull off the familiar name and gender for use in formatting the template's output.
    • fname= Specifies that the template should use the provided name for this hatchling, instead of generic ones.


You eat the Knoll mushroom. It tastes bad, but it's nutritious.
AdventuresYou gain 1-3 Adventures.
(You gain 2 Fullness.)

You eat the spooky hi mein, jumping at every noise, including the noise of your chopsticks on the bowl.
AdventuresYou gain 21-29 Adventures.
You gain 15-20 Strongness.
You gain 70-75 Wizardliness.
You gain 30-35 Smarm.
Breath.gifYou acquire an effect: Spooky Breath
(duration: 5 Adventures)
(You gain 5 Fullness.)

You drink the sangria del diablo. Transubstantastic!
AdventuresYou gain 22-26 Adventures.
You gain 16-20 Mysteriousness.
Plasword.gifYou acquire an item: tiny plastic sword
You gain 6 Drunkenness.

You drink the gloomy mushroom wine. Now the torment within your soul is matched by the torment within your stomach.
AdventuresYou gain 13-17 Adventures.
You gain 12-15 Beefiness.
You gain 13-15 Magicalness.
You gain 12-15 Chutzpah.
Gothy.gifYou acquire an effect: Gothy
(duration: 20 Adventures)
You gain 3 Drunkenness.

You chew the wad until the flavor runs out.
AdventuresYou gain 1 Adventure.
You gain 24-30 Muscleboundness.
You gain 5-10 Magicalness.
You gain 16-20 Chutzpah.
Scwad.gifYou acquire an effect: Hot Blooded
(duration: 10 Adventures)
(You gain 1 Spleen.)

Man oh man, that's some tasty ramen. And cheap!
AdventuresYou gain 22-29 Adventures.
You gain 23-28 Beefiness.
You gain 23-28 Magicalness.
You gain 23-28 Cheek.
Meat.gifYou gain 20-25 Meat.
(You gain 6 Fullness.)

You eat the lavender striped oyster egg.
You gain 11-15 Muscleboundness.
You gain 11-15 Cheek.
(You gain 1 Spleen.)

You eat the yellow paisley oyster egg.
Eggplain.gifYou acquire an effect: Egg-headedness
(duration: 20 Adventures)
You gain 11-15 Enchantedness.
(You gain 1 Spleen.)

You pry open the Ribs of the Bonerdagon, and thus open the Chest of the Bonerdagon. A strange mist pours forth from within it, and goes into your nostrils. It smells bad, but it makes you feel pretty good.
You gain 150 Strengthliness.
You gain 150 Wizardliness.
You gain 150 Chutzpah.
You're also able to scrape quite a bit of meat off of the inside of the Ribs.
Meat.gifYou gain 3,000 Meat.

You drink the soda water. With no regard for propriety or personal space, the bubbles tickle your nose.
MPYou gain 3-5 Mana Points.

You carry your sign around the base of Mt. McLargeHuge for a few hours, chanting catchy anti-Yeti-hunting slogans.
AdventuresYou lose 1 Adventure.

You put the sabre-toothed lime cub in your Familiar-Gro™ Terrarium.

It begins to pace back and forth menacingly.
You decide to name him Graraham.

You activate the photoprotoneutron torpedo, and it emits a series of beeps. It then rockets toward your opponent, exploding on impact for 39 damage.