Temporarily Out of Skeletons

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Temporarily Out of Skeletons
Temporarily Out of Skeletons

You find a rare moment's peace in the skeleton store, and pause to catch your breath. As you're catching your breath, several things catch your eye.

There's a cash register (made of bones) on the counter, a treasure chest (made of bones) on a nearby shelf, and a pile of bones (made of cheese*) on the floor.

if you have Skeleton Store office key

You could also check out the manager's office, now that you've got the key to it.

end if

*Not really. The pile of bones is obviously made of bones.

Check out the cash register

You look around the cash register for the Meatsmith's check. You don't find it, but you do find a key labeled "Manager's Office" under a pile of receipts.

Officekey.gifYou acquire an item: Skeleton Store office key
  • Subsequent times:

You grab as much Meat as you can before the skeletons notice what you're doing and chase you off.

Meat.gifYou gain 33-37 Meat.

Open the chest

You grunt and strain and try to pry open the skeleton chest, but it's locked. If only you had some sort of... bone... unlocker... thing. At least all that grunting and straining and prying was a decent workout.

You gain 8-10 Strengthliness.

You unlock the skeleton chest with your handy skeleton key (which is made less handy by the fact that it snaps off when you try to take it back out of the lock) and reveal the fabulous treasure within!

First time:
Skelring.gifYou acquire an item: ring of telling skeletons what to do
Subsequent times:
Meat.gifYou gain 300 Meat.

Break the bones

You spend a few moments shouting and breaking bones, before leaving due to the skeleton attention all of that shouting and bone-breaking attracted.

You gain 16 Strengthliness.

Head into the manager's office

(fight the former owner of the Skeleton Store)

Occurs every fourth adventure at The Skeleton Store.