Temporary teardrop tattoo

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temporary teardrop tattoo
temporary teardrop tattoo

This is a temporary tattoo of a teardrop. In addition to its handsome alliterative properties, it's also good for putting on your face after pretending to kill somebody for a little while.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 500 Meat.
Effect: Crocodile Tear (15 Adventures)+10 to Familiar Weight (underwater only)

(In-game plural: temporary teardrop tattoos)
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Item number: 3525
Description ID: 700314352
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Obtained From

The Briniest Deepests
groupie bra (0-1)
mermaid's purse (0-1)

When Used

You apply the tattoo directly to your cheekbone. Your mama would be so sad if she could see you now.
Raindrop.gifYou acquire an effect: Crocodile Tear
(duration: 15 Adventures)


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