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This page attempts to keep track of all current projects on the wiki. In addition, be sure to check out the following categories:

Group Spading Projects

The following are spading projects which because of their nature require many contributors to provide data points.

Group Content Creation Projects

These items are being worked on by wiki contributors for potential inclusion into the game proper. You can help too!

Ongoing Projects

As content is made obsolete, it needs:
marking with the retired template; and
a note added as to the date of change; and
the text changing to past tense.
Item Drops
There is a need for Yiab's Item Hunt to be continued and extended for new content.
Familiars (Crown of Thrones/Buddy Bjorn)
As new familiars are introduced, their effect when enthroned or bjornified needs to be discovered.
Familiars (Mad Hatrack)
As new hats are introduced, their effect on the Mad Hatrack needs to be discovered. See its discussion page.
Familiars (Comma Chameleon)
As new familiar equipment is introduced, the Comma Chameleon's consumption/disgorging messages are needed.
Familiars (Fancypants Scarecrow)
As new pants are introduced, their effect on the Fancypants Scarecrow needs to be discovered.
As new weapons are introduced, any specific weapon messages are needed. Any new weapon types need messages when wielded by the Disembodied Hand as well.