The Ancient Hobo Burial Ground

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The Ancient Hobo Burial Ground
Zone Num 171
Location Hobopolis
Unlocks 1000 Normal Hobos killed
Recom Stat 350
Combat % unknown
ML 350
Terrain underground
Special Adventures
Lucky Flowers for You
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The Ancient Hobo Burial Ground is the spooky zone in Hobopolis. Hobos in this zone are resistant to all elemental damage. A primary stat of 350 is suggested. If your main stat isn't high enough, you'll see the following message:

A skeleton hobo unshoulders his bindle and unwraps it to show that it contains a severed human head. You're not sure if skulking around fragrant undead vagrants at your skill level is a good idea.
(It is recommended that you have at least 350 <mainstat> to adventure here.)

Combat Adventures

Spooky hobo This monster is a Hobo -- (edit metadata)

Zombo This monster is Undead -- (edit metadata)

Non-combat Adventures

Returning to the Tomb
Returning to the Tomb
  • Pry open the door: 9,000-11,000 meat (goes to Clan Coffer). Increases Spooky Hobos by ~10. Increases spooky hobo ML.
  • Disturb not ye these bones: Nothing. Does not consume an adventure.
  • Note: After opening the tomb 10 times this adventure will no longer occur in the current instance of Hobopolis.

Ah, So That's Where They've All Gone
Ah, So That's Where They've All Gone
  • Send the flowers to The Heap: Advances The Heap and sets back the Burial Ground. Increases spooky hobo ML.
  • Tiptoe through the tulips and leave: Skip adventure

A Chiller Night (1)
A Chiller Night (1)
  • Study the hobos' dance moves: Become more in-tune with dancers (may add spooky hobos)
  • Dance with them: Kill hobos?
  • Duck out the back way: Skip adventure?
  • Note: Unlocked by choosing to flimflam in Getting Clubbed.

A Chiller Night (2)
A Chiller Night (2)
  • Dance with them: Kill hobos
  • Resist the temptation: Leave?
  • Note: Replaces A Chiller Night after studying moves 3 times

11leafclover.gif Flowers for You
Flowers for You
  • Buy a flower: Obtain a deadly lampshade for 5 hobo nickels
  • Flee this creepy scene: Skip adventure
  • Note: This adventure is triggered whenever you adventure here while feeling Lucky!.

Welcome To You!
Welcome To You!
  • Enter the 'comb: Fight Zombo
  • Avoid this particular brush with death: Skip adventure

Take a Number
  • Note: Occurs when somebody else is already fighting Zombo.


  • 49-51 hobo kills are needed to advance each image file, depending on the total number of hobos in the zone.
  • Zombo will only appear when the location's image is on its 10th variation. After defeating Zombo this area can no longer be explored.
  • Attempting to adventure here after Zombo has been defeated yields the message:
There's nothing going on here anymore -- the tombs of the Ancient Hobo Burial Ground are all as silent as themselves.
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