The Bounty Hunter Hunter's Shack

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The Bounty Hunter Hunter's Shack

The Bounty Hunter Hunter's Shack lies within the Forest Village. He assigns quests which he rewards with filthy lucre. You can take on and complete all three bounties each day. He sells items in exchange for filthy lucre.

Untinker.gif The Bounty Hunter Hunter
Would you like to be a Bounty Hunter, and earn some filthy lucre? These are the things I'm currently paying bounties on:

Today's Easy Bounty:
Assignment status

I'll Get These

Today's Hard Bounty:
Assignment status

I'll Get These

Today's Specialty Bounty:
Assignment status

I'll Get These


  • With incomplete bounties:
Confused.gif <items> from <monsters> in the <location>
  • With incomplete speciality bounty:
Confused.gif <items> from <monsters> in the <location>

(You can reach this area by using a <content unlock item>.)

  • With an active bounty:
You're on the trail of a <difficulty> Bounty! Come back when you've collected <items> from <monster> in the <location>
I Give Up!
  • After completing a bounty:
You already took on a <difficulty> Bounty today. Come back tomorrow for a new assignment!


  • When a bounty is chosen:
Okay! Come back when you've gotten the goods!
  • Upon giving up:
Okay, if you say so.
  • Upon collecting the bounty:
You turn in your <number> <items> to the Bounty Hunter Hunter and collect your reward. A Bounty Hunter is You!
Lucre.gifYou acquire an item: filthy lucre

I've also got some items for sale, if you're interested. I don't take Meat, though -- I only accept filthy lucre.
Lucre.gif You have X filthy lucre.

Items for Sale:
Item: Price:
Ccheese.gif bowl of Bounty-Os Lucre.gif 1
Snifter.gif Oreille Divisée brandy Lucre.gif 1
Bountyhelmet.gif bounty-hunting helmet Lucre.gif 15
Bountyrifle.gif bounty-hunting rifle Lucre.gif 15
Bountypants.gif bounty-hunting pants Lucre.gif 15
Pompuppy.gif pompadour'd puppy Lucre.gif 100
Book4.gif Manual of Transcendent Olfaction Lucre.gif 200
  • After making a purchase:
Thanks for your patronage, Bounty Hunter!
  • If you do not have any filthy lucre, the following text is displayed instead:
You don't have any filthy lucre.
  • When attempting to purchase something without first selecting an item:
The Bounty Hunter Hunter doesn't sell that item.
  • When attempting to purchase something with inadequate filthy lucre:
You don't have enough filthy lucre to make that purchase.
  • When attempting to purchase a non-natural number of items:
That doesn't make any sense.

Items Requested


  • All bounty items have a drop rate of 100%, conditional on having taken the bounty and having fewer than the required items. In other words, you get a bounty item if and only if you need it AND you actually kill the monster.
  • If you give up on a bounty, all items that you have collected towards that bounty so far are immediately removed. You cannot select another bounty quest of the same difficulty for that day.
  • Bounty items will drop even if you defeat the monster using a skill like Release the Boots.
  • You may leave a bounty uncompleted over rollover. If you complete it that next day, you will still be able to take the new bounty for that difficulty.
    • Also, ascension lets you do all three quests twice (or more times, if you ascend more than one time).


  • Before NS13, the Bounty Hunter Hunter would buy items from the player. He would pay double autosell for certain monster drops, choosing three new bounties a day. See history.
  • After NS13, he offered three bounties from which you could pick only one. See retired.
  • The Bounty Hunter Hunter used to reside on The Wrong Side of the Tracks in Seaside Town. He relocated to the Forest Village on October 28, 2010 due to a skeleton invasion.
  • The NS13 Bounty Hunter Hunter originally would not offer you the daily bounty if you had turned in one from a previous day. This was changed in October 2010, with the caveat that, due to a bug, you do not turn in a bounty that is currently being offered.
  • On January 15, 2014, the shack was revamped.
  • Sometime in the middle of the day on January 17, 2014, the requirement for bean-shaped rocks was changed from 40 to 35.
  • Sometime in the middle of the day on January 22, 2014, the text for where to find piles of wig powder changed. It used to be:
    (You can reach this area through the Looking Glass in the Clan VIP Lounge.)
  • Sometime in the middle of the day on January 31, 2014, the monster name for one-eyed Gnolls was fixed. It used to say one-eyed Knolls.
  • On February 3, 2014, the requirement for pop art banana peels was lowered from 8 to 6.
  • On February 11, 2014, the item that was linked to for capturing purple butts changed from empty agua de vida bottle to agua de vida bottle.
  • On February 12, 2014, the amount of lucky cat statues that was required was increased from 8 to 13.
  • Starting from June 16, 2016, a number of new bounties were added.
  • On January 15, 2020, the requirement for bean-shaped rocks was lowered from 35 to 12.
  • On January 1, 2022, the odor extractor was removed from the shop, as part of the Transcendent Olfaction revamp.