The Crimbomination Memorial

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Plaque crimbom.gif

The Crimbomination Memorial is located on the The Museum's Second Floor in Seaside Town. It commemorates the players who were most instrumental in "slaying" the Crimbomination during the aftermath of Crimbo 2008. The 20 people who recited The Spirit of Crimbo to the Crimbomination the most times have their names engraved here.

A festively-decorated but misshapen plaque on the wall reads:
Most Dedicated Mutant-Fighters:
Name Turns Spent
WhiskeyJack 5,000
PatMcRotch 4,820
Bank of KoL 4,177
Gauln 3,960
Gorloth 3,654
the40ftboy 3,315
Princess Anathema 2,916
QLou 2,900
Deathless Assassin 2,838
Permaximum 2,829
Mayim Bialik 2,613
Rupatupa 2,463
VanDamien 2,014
LongWood 2,012
Daultimate 2,009
SoCal 2,002
Scyld 1,953
scheijan 1,888
Careman2 1,819
TheNice1 1,697