The Crown of Ed the Undying

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The Crown of Ed the Undying
The Crown of Ed the Undying

This particular type of crown is called a "Nemes", as distinct from a Deshret, a Hedjet, an Atef, or any of the other bazillion different named hats that rulers and gods wore back in the day. When you're Pharaoh, you have to look good for the people who are required by law to say you look good.

Type: hat
Power: 100
Cannot be traded or discarded

Maximum HP/MP +50
Combat Initiative +25%
Ed's servants will level up faster
Allows you to read thoughts

NOTE: This item cannot be equipped while in Hardcore. (Except for Ed)

(In-game plural: The Crown of Ed the Undyings)
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Item number: 8185
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Obtained From

Ed the Undying exhibit crate (March 2015 item of the month)
Actually Ed the Undying
Actually Ed the Undying (if you own it, you automatically pull it at the start of the path ascension)


  • Has an [adjust] link.
    • Adjustments are reset on ascension.
  • Changes your avatar to act like Actually Ed the Undying.
  • The "Ed's servants will level up faster" enchantment means Ed's servants will gain +2xp per combat instead of +1xp per combat.
  • As Actually Ed the Undying, the "Allows you to read thoughts" enchantment drops a Ka coin occasionally when fighting against undead opponents:
    You squint and look around carefully while listening for the telltale psychic murmur of this undead's leftover soul. Eventually, you find it hiding next to a chair and summon a jackal demon to grab it for you.
Kacoin.gifYou acquire an item: Ka coin
  • The "Allows you to read thoughts" enchantment occasionally sends a message in chat from various channels:
    [name] is thinking <something>.
  • The "Allows you to read thoughts" enchantment occasionally adds a thought reading when fighting a monster
    Probing your opponent's thoughts, you hear: "<thought>"
    You eavesdrop on your opponent's thoughts: "<thought>"
    You focus on your opponent's thoughts, and hear: "<thought>"
    You read your opponent's mind, which says: "<thought>"
    You take a moment to spy on your opponent's thoughts: "<thought>"
  • Thoughts are per phylum, and are shown on the first round.
  • A strange cartouche will be observed after all combats in a single zone - which zone seems to vary per player and per day. The cartouche contains 3 symbols, chosen from a set of 26 hieroglyphs:
An example cartouche message:
You see a strange cartouche painted on a nearby wall.
The cartouches are clues for the cartouches puzzle.


  • Deshret, Hedjet and Atef are the crowns worn by the ruler of Lower Egypt, Upper Egypt and the god Osiris, respectively.

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