The Far Future

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The Far Future
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As the time travel disorientation fades, you find yourself sitting at a space desk making some sort of verbal diary:

"Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship..."


Occurs as a consequence of using your Time-Spinner and choosing "Visit the Far Future", or by using a Memory Disk, Alpha.


  • There are five different Far Future Scenarios
    1. Borg
    2. Cloud
    3. Crystalline
    4. Emoticon
    5. Warrior
  • Completing a mission by eliminating the alien race results in a single medal in the future.
  • Successfully completing a mission without loss of life results in two medals in the future.
  • Solving all five of these scenarios without bloodshed entitles you to the Prime Directive Director trophy.
  • Your lifetime medals collected increases your character's rank in the Far Future scenarios and unlocks items when you Use the Replicator In your Quarters. You may replicate one item daily, which goes into your inventory in the Kingdom.
Medals Item Notes
0 Ears.gif Unstable Pointy Ears +3 Stat(s) Per Fight, Disappears at end of the day
5 Shot.gif Shot of Kardashian Gin Epic booze, +3 PvP Fights, 1 potency
10 Sheet.gif Riker's Search History Combat item, 900-1000 Sleaze Damage
15 Tea.gif Tea, Earl Grey, Hot Epic food, +1000 MP, +1000 HP, 1 fullness
20 Cd1.gif Memory Disk, Alpha Allow an experience in the future
  • Choosing to sleep in your quarters will exit the scenario with no medals awarded.


  • In each scenario, the aliens will board the ship's bridge at 40 minutes. After minute 44, the scenario will end if you have not already resolved it.
  • To determine which scenario you are currently playing, go to the bridge and select speak to the aliens. Hopefully, you know the difference between a Borg and a Klingon.
  • Crew morale begins at minimum level. If you do not raise morale by at least one point, the crew will panic when the alien boarding party arrives, ending the scenario in failure. Raise the crew's morale through the following methods:
  • Have Uhura patch you through to the whole ship and make one or both of the "free ice cream" announcements.
  • Go to the Holofloor and run a recreation program.
  • Obtain the flute and play it in the Lounge.

Solutions for one medal

  • Raise crew morale.
  • Obtain the visor.
  • When the Borg arrive, go to the Bridge.
  • Use the visor. The Borg think you are one of them and leave.
  • Raise crew morale.
  • Obtain the tricorder.
  • When the cloud arrives at 40 minutes, go to the Bridge and use the tricorder to determine the cloud's composition.
  • Go to Engineering. Ask the crewman there about filtering an element from the ship's atmosphere.
  • Select the element that corresponds to the cloud's makeup to remove the cloud from the ship.
  • Raise crew morale.
  • Obtain (or at least locate) the visor and phaser.
  • Go to the Bridge. Use the visor to locate weak parts of the entity.
  • Retrieve the phaser. Fire the phaser at the entity's weak parts.
  • Raise crew morale.
  • Go to the Holofloor and run the Kobayashi Maru 3 times.
  • Wait until the boarding party arrives, then sit at the weapons console and fire to disable.
  • Raise crew morale.
  • Locate the officer who has a phaser. Ask him about the situation and obtain the phaser.
  • Go to the Holofloor and run the Duck Hunt program three times.
  • When the Klingons arrive, go to the bridge and use the phaser to disarm them.

Solutions for two medals

  • Go to Engineering.
  • Ask your engineer about computers.
  • Go to Holofloor and train 3 times in computers.
  • Go back to your quarters. Access your computer and use the third option
  • Raise crew morale.
  • Find the booze in your ship.
  • Give the booze to the counselor.
  • Wait on the bridge until the cloud starts devouring your ship (at 40 minutes)
  • Page the counselor to the bridge.
  • Ask them what they're feeling.
  • Find the flute.
  • Go to your quarters, and play the flute 3 times.
  • Hail the aliens, play the flute for them.
  • Talk to Uhura, ask her what she thinks you should do, then play flute at the aliens again.
  • Raise morale by performing a combination of the following actions.
  • Have Uhura patch you through to the whole ship and make one or both of the "free ice cream" announcements.
  • Go to the Holofloor and run the recreation program.
  • Obtain the flute and play it in the Lounge.
  • Repeat the recreation program or flute until crew morale is at maximum level. This can be determined by querying your counselor and hearing that "They can't possibly feel any better."
  • Wait until the scenario ends.
  • Communicate with the aliens; threaten and insult them.
  • Go to Holofloor and run the Kobayashi Maru 3 times.
  • Go to the bridge, enter the weapons system and fire a warning shot.
  • Speak to Uhura, hail the enemy ship, threaten them again.