The Frozen Brogurt Stand

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The Frozen Brogurt Stand is located on the Spring Break Beach pier and is owned by Broden.

Broden the Brogurt Brogre

Broden raises one end of his unibrow and gestures at his selection of brogurts.
Item: (click for description) Price:
Brogurt.gif regular-size brogurt     Beachbuck.gif 1  
Kegshield.gif super-size brogurt     Beachbuck.gif 3  
Brogurt2.gif broberry brogurt     Beachbuck.gif 10  
Brogurt2.gif brocolate brogurt     Beachbuck.gif 10  
Brogurt2.gif French bronilla brogurt     Beachbuck.gif 10  

You have:

Beachbuck.gif 1 Beach Buck
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  • Having none of an item replaces the number with "no".
  • Trying to purchase an item without enough items:
    You don't have enough X for that transaction.
  • Trying to buy an invalid item, or nothing:
    That isn't a thing that's sold here.
  • The broberry brogurt, brocolate brogurt, and French bronilla brogurt are only available after completing Broden's Sloppy Seconds Diner quest.