The Game Grid

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The Game Grid Arcade

The Game Grid Arcade is located on the Wrong Side of the Tracks. It can be accessed by having a Game Grid ticket, Game Grid token, or a membership card in your inventory.

Arcade top.gif
Arcade left.gif Ticketcounter.gif Skeeball.gif Demonstar.gif Arcade right.gif
Meteoid.gif Fighters.gif Dungeonfist.gif
Highscores.gif Spacetrip.gif Jackass.gif
Arcade bottom.gif

The Arcade contains:


  • The skee-ball machine takes one token and 0 turns. It returns 10 tickets.
  • All other games available at present take 5 turns.
  • Games may be played whilst overdrunk.
  • If you've seen the Game Grid once during your current ascension, it will stay visible until you ascend.
  • Showing "The Game Grid Arcade"'s profile has this message:
You must be hanging out at the Game Grid Arcade, and overhearing the various noises that an arcade and the people in an arcade make.