The Gnomish Micromicrobrewery

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Many drinks added in recent years have been added to the daily rotation, and need to be included as they are observed.
The Gnomish Micromicrobrewery
Brewer.gif Welcome to the Gnomish Micromicrobrewery, Tall One. I'll bet you'd enjoy a Cold One.

This is a store where you can buy drinks. Be forewarned, any drinks you buy are consumed immediately.

Located in Desert Beach at The Gnomish Gnomad Camp.

Items Sold

Regular Libations:
Petite Porter Petite Porter (50 Meat, 3 drunkenness, 3-5 Adventures)
Scrawny Stout Scrawny Stout (75 Meat, 3 drunkenness, 3-6 Adventures)
Infinitesimal IPA Infinitesimal IPA (100 Meat, 3 drunkenness, 3-8 Adventures)
Today's Special:
(only one of the following will be available each day)
accidental cider accidental cider (105 Meat)
Afternoon Delight Afternoon Delight (300 Meat)
backwoods screwdriver backwoods screwdriver (105 Meat)
banana daiquiri banana daiquiri (30 Meat)
Barulio's bottle Barulio's bottle (120 Meat)
beavermouth beavermouth (90 Meat)
bilge wine bilge wine (195 Meat)
black & tan black & tan (120 Meat)
Blackfly Chardonnay Blackfly Chardonnay (120 Meat)
bloody beer bloody beer (180 Meat)
bloody mary bloody mary (195 Meat)
booze-soaked cherry booze-soaked cherry (120 Meat)
bottle of Calcutta Emerald bottle of Calcutta Emerald (210 Meat)
bottle of cooking sherry bottle of cooking sherry (105 Meat)
bottle of Definit bottle of Definit (210 Meat)
bottle of Domesticated Turkey bottle of Domesticated Turkey (210 Meat)
bottle of fruity "wine" bottle of fruity "wine" (30 Meat)
bottle of gin bottle of gin (105 Meat)
bottle of Jorge Sinsonte bottle of Jorge Sinsonte (210 Meat)
bottle of Lieutenant Freeman bottle of Lieutenant Freeman (210 Meat)
bottle of Ooze-O bottle of Ooze-O (225 Meat)
bottle of Pete's Sake bottle of Pete's Sake (210 Meat)
bottle of popskull bottle of popskull (105 Meat)
bottle of rum bottle of rum (105 Meat)
bottle of sake bottle of sake (105 Meat)
bottle of tequila bottle of tequila (105 Meat)
bottle of vodka bottle of vodka (105 Meat)
bottle of whiskey bottle of whiskey (105 Meat)
boxed champagne boxed champagne (210 Meat)
boxed wine boxed wine (105 Meat)
Breakfast Blast wine cooler Breakfast Blast wine cooler (75 Meat)
bungle in the jungle bungle in the jungle (75 Meat)
cabooze cabooze (30 Meat)
caipifruta caipifruta (390 Meat)
can of the cheapest beer can of the cheapest beer (15 Meat)
cheap Chinese beer cheap Chinese beer (75 Meat)
Cherrytastrophe wine cooler Cherrytastrophe wine cooler (75 Meat)
Citrus Crush wine cooler Citrus Crush wine cooler (75 Meat)
Cobb's Knob Wurstbrau Cobb's Knob Wurstbrau (174 Meat)
corpsebite corpsebite (150 Meat)
cream stout cream stout (165 Meat)
CSA cheerfulness ration CSA cheerfulness ration (69 Meat)
CSA scoutmaster's "water" CSA scoutmaster's "water" (69 Meat)
day-old beer day-old beer (15 Meat)
Doc's Limbering Wine Doc's Limbering Wine (30 Meat)
Doc's Medical-Grade Wine Doc's Medical-Grade Wine (30 Meat)
Doc's Smartifying Wine Doc's Smartifying Wine (30 Meat)
dry martini dry martini (270 Meat)
dry vodka martini dry vodka martini (270 Meat)
DUFRESNE Suds DUFRESNE Suds (300 Meat)
eggnog eggnog (147 Meat)
especially salty dog especially salty dog (462 Meat)
extra-spicy bloody mary extra-spicy bloody mary (198 Meat)
Fantasma en la Máquina Fantasma en la Máquina (39 Meat)
fine wine fine wine (192 Meat)
fishelada fishelada (63 Meat)
flask of port flask of port (897 Meat)
flute of flat champagne flute of flat champagne (258 Meat)
fountain 'soda' fountain 'soda' (30 Meat)
gibson gibson (390 Meat)
gin and tonic gin and tonic (390 Meat)
gin-soaked blotter paper gin-soaked blotter paper (120 Meat)
gingerbread wine gingerbread wine (63 Meat)
Gold Velvet™ whiskey Gold Velvet™ whiskey (111 Meat)
green beer green beer (300 Meat, always appears on St. Sneaky Pete's Day)
Green Manalishi Green Manalishi (96 Meat)
grog grog (234 Meat)
haunted bottle of vodka haunted bottle of vodka (150 Meat)
haunted eggnog haunted eggnog (195 Meat)
haunted martini haunted martini (240 Meat)
honey mead honey mead (120 Meat)
hot watered rum hot watered rum (15 Meat)
hot mint schnocolate hot mint schnocolate (15 Meat)
ice-cold fotie ice-cold fotie (120 Meat)
ice-cold Sir Schlitz ice-cold Sir Schlitz (90 Meat)
ice-cold Willer ice-cold Willer (90 Meat)
Imp Ale Imp Ale (75 Meat)
junk yard junk yard (195 Meat)
kamicorpse-ee kamicorpse-ee (150 Meat)
La Fantasma y La Oscuridad La Fantasma y La Oscuridad (39 Meat)
lavawater lavawater (132 Meat)
lumbering jack lumbering jack (270 Meat)
Mad Train wine Mad Train wine (87 Meat)
margarita margarita (195 Meat)
martini martini (195 Meat)
martiny martiny (90 Meat)
McLeod's Hard Haggis-Ade McLeod's Hard Haggis-Ade (15 Meat)
Middle of the Road™ brand whiskey Middle of the Road™ brand whiskey (90 Meat)
mimosette mimosette (390 Meat)
monkey wrench monkey wrench (195 Meat)
moonberry wine cooler moonberry wine cooler (66 Meat)
Moonthril Schnapps Moonthril Schnapps (600 Meat)
Morlock's Mark Bourbon Morlock's Mark Bourbon (300 Meat)
nanite-infested eggnog nanite-infested eggnog (147 Meat)
natto-infused sake natto-infused sake (15 Meat)
old-fashioned old-fashioned (270 Meat)
Orangemageddon wine cooler Orangemageddon wine cooler (75 Meat)
overpriced "imported" beer overpriced "imported" beer (75 Meat)
papaya sling papaya sling (171 Meat)
parisian cathouse parisian cathouse (390 Meat)
plain old beer plain old beer (30 Meat)
pixel whiskey pixel whiskey (90 Meat)
plastic cup of beer plastic cup of beer (30 Meat)
plum wine plum wine (525 Meat)
premium malt liquor premium malt liquor (75 Meat)
purple corpsel purple corpsel (150 Meat)
rabbit punch rabbit punch (390 Meat)
Radberry Rip wine cooler Radberry Rip wine cooler (75 Meat)
Ram's Face Lager Ram's Face Lager (165 Meat)
red rum red rum (90 Meat)
red-headed corpse red-headed corpse (150 Meat)
redrum redrum (180 Meat)
regular-size brogurt regular-size brogurt (150 Meat)
rodeo whiskey rodeo whiskey (120 Meat)
Rompedores de Fantasmas Rompedores de Fantasmas (39 Meat)
rum and cola rum and cola (225 Meat)
Russian Ice Russian Ice (45 Meat)
Saison du Lune Saison du Lune (300 Meat)
salty dog salty dog (195 Meat)
sangria sangria (270 Meat)
screwdriver screwdriver (195 Meat)
shot of blackberry schnapps shot of blackberry schnapps (195 Meat)
shot of flower schnapps shot of flower schnapps (360 Meat)
shot of grapefruit schnapps shot of grapefruit schnapps (360 Meat)
shot of orange schnapps shot of orange schnapps (360 Meat)
Shot of Kardashian Gin Shot of Kardashian Gin (300 Meat)
shot of peach schnapps shot of peach schnapps (525 Meat)
shot of pear schnapps shot of pear schnapps (525 Meat)
shot of rotgut shot of rotgut (150 Meat)
shot of tomato schnapps shot of tomato schnapps (360 Meat)
single swig of vodka single swig of vodka (60 Meat)
slap and slap again slap and slap again (183 Meat)
snifter of thoroughly aged brandy snifter of thoroughly aged brandy (102 Meat)
space wine space wine (150 Meat)
spiced rum spiced rum (105 Meat)
spooky eggnog spooky eggnog (147 Meat)
stepmom's booze stepmom's booze (30 Meat)
strawberry daiquiri strawberry daiquiri (195 Meat)
strawberry wine strawberry wine (195 Meat)
Supernova Champagne Supernova Champagne (540 Meat)
Taco Dan's Taco Stand Chimichangarita Taco Dan's Taco Stand Chimichangarita (45 Meat)
teqiwila teqiwila (390 Meat)
tequila sunrise tequila sunrise (195 Meat)
tequila sunset tequila sunset (390 Meat)
tequila with training wheels tequila with training wheels (270 Meat)
tobiko-infused sake tobiko-infused sake (15 Meat)
Typical Tavern swill Typical Tavern swill (195 Meat)
unnamed cocktail unnamed cocktail (108 Meat)
unflavored wine cooler unflavored wine cooler (75 Meat)
used beer used beer (150 Meat)
vodka and cranberry vodka and cranberry (180 Meat)
vodka and tonic vodka and tonic (390 Meat)
vodka gibson vodka gibson (390 Meat)
vodka martini vodka martini (195 Meat)
wasabi-infused sake wasabi-infused sake (15 Meat)
water purification pills water purification pills (69 Meat)
wax booze wax booze (30 Meat)
whiskey and cola whiskey and cola (222 Meat)
whiskey and soda whiskey and soda (195 Meat)
whiskey bittersweet whiskey bittersweet (390 Meat)
whiskey sour whiskey sour (195 Meat)
white Canadian white Canadian (159 Meat)
White Hyborian White Hyborian (162 Meat)
white lightning white lightning (45 Meat)
white Xanadian white Xanadian (150 Meat)
wine spritzer wine spritzer (195 Meat)
world's most unappetizing beverage world's most unappetizing beverage (12 Meat)
zmobie zmobie (390 Meat)


  • Daily specials are randomly selected each day and sell for three times the item's auto-sell price. This is generally much less than what you would pay for it in the mall.
  • While some of the daily specials are surprisingly good and cheap, none of the truly top-notch drinks, like those made using Advanced Cocktailcrafting (possibly made from Superhuman Cocktailcrafting drinks) or tiny plastic swords, are ever sold. With one exception: bungle in the jungle requires Advanced Cocktailcrafting, yet is regularly sold here.
  • Since the booze is consumed immediately, Teetotalers and Oxygenarians are not allowed to purchase drinks here.
  • Level requirements still apply to booze available here; you are not able to purchase drinks that you don't meet the level requirements for.
  • The LARP membership card gives you a 10% discount on drinks bought here, including the daily special.
  • Closed in a Zombie Slayer run:
Uh Oh!
The Gnomish Microbrewery is pretty much destroyed. If you were really really desperate for a drink, you could maybe suck on one of the broken still pipes, but chances are some other zombie has already thought of that, and that would be super gross.
  • G-less drinks are still able to be consumed here during a G-Lover run.
  • Daily specials are not subject to Standard restrictions, and may be consumed regardless.