The Hall in the Hall

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The Hall in the Hall
The Hall in the Hall

On first visit to the zone:

A corridor leads to a series of back rooms, each with an identical-looking drippy door.

You thank your lucky stars that there's no game-show host here to confuse you with math. You take your time and choose a door...

On subsequent visits to the zone, this message is appended before the 'first visit' message:

You make it to the back of the building without getting dragged into a fight.

If you have gone in Door #1 that day: The doorknob on the first one seems to have receded into the slime, so that's no longer an option.

If you have gone in Door #2 that day: A scab of hardened Drip matter has congealed over the second door.

If you have gone in Door #3 that day: The third one is now blocked by a mound of Drip substance growing out of the floor in front of it.

If you have gone in Door #4 that day: The fourth door is overgrown with tendrils goo[sic], so you can't pick that one.

Door #1

Without a drippy staff:

Behind the first door, you find a room containing what must've been a pool table, at some point before all of this... goo. You grab a cue from a rack on the wall.

Dripstaff.gifYou acquire an item: drippy staff


You find yourself back in the room with the nasty pool table.

and with a high enough Pool Skill (20 + 20*(number of orbs obtained this way)+/-4):

You manage to dislodge one of the balls from the table.

Driporb.gifYou acquire an item: drippy orb

Without sufficient Pool Skill:

You try to dislodge one of the balls from the table, but your pool-playing skills aren't up to the task.

Door #2

Revolting Vending
Revolting Vending

This room contains a nasty vending machine. A barely legible set of instructions reads "Insert 10,000 Meat and pull knob."

Insert 10,000 Meat
Meat.gifYou lose 10,000 Meat.

You insert the Meat into the machine and pull the slimy knob. It makes a wet kchunk sound and something shaped a little bit like a candy bar squirts out of it onto the floor.

Dripcandybar.gifYou acquire an item: drippy candy bar
Check the coin return

You find a small pile of Driplets in the coin return.

Driplet.gifYou acquire 3 Driplets

Door #3

In this room, a humanoid shape lounges atop (or inside, it's kind of hard to tell) a mound of Drip matter, wriggling and belching.

With Drippy Eye-Beetle:

A grub wriggles out of its ear and plops to the floor. Your eye twitches...
Dripgrub.gifYou acquire an item: drippy grub

With Drippy Eye-Sprout:

It picks a seed out of its teeth and throws it to the floor. Your eye twitches...
Dripseed.gifYou acquire an item: drippy seed

With Drippy Eye-Stone:

It lets loose a particularly loud burp and a sphere of hardened Drip matter falls out of its mouth. Your eye twitches...
Dripbezoar.gifYou acquire an item: drippy bezoar

You watch it wriggle and listen to it belch for a while, then you wander off in disgust.

Door #4

With a drippy stein, otherwise nothing:

This room contains a keg covered in Drip matter. You put your stein under the grubby tap and give it a wicked twist.

Dripbeer.gifYou acquire an item: drippy pilsner

Door #5

Judging by the revolting cleaning supplies, this must have at one point been a janitor's closet, though whoever was responsible for cleaning this place obviously gave up years ago.

You poke around to see if there's anything interesting left behind. There isn't, but you do find a handful of Driplets in an ashtray.

Driplet.gifYou acquire 3-5 Driplets

Occurs in The Dripping Hall.


  • This adventure occurs after every 11 adventures in this location, starting on the 12th, then the 24th, then the 36th, et cetera. Ascending does not reset this interval counter to 0 as it did with Drippy House on the Prairie.
  • If you do not have a Drippy Eye-skill, option 3 gives you nothing, and wastes the choice adventure.
  • Options 1-4 can only be chosen once per day, option 5 can be chosen however many times.
  • You will only receive a drippy staff if you do not have one equipped or in inventory. They are tradeable, though, and are not counted if they are in your mall store.
  • Pool Skill required to get drippy orbs does not reset upon ascension.


  • The game-show host is a reference to Monty Hall. The math referenced is the Monty Hall problem, a famous problem about probability that seems intuitive at first, but is in fact unintuitive, capable of causing nationwide arguments about the validity thereof.