The Hobo Marketplace

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The Hobo Marketplace
The Hobo Marketplace

You step into the hustle and bustle of the hobo market, and get lost almost immediately. Everywhere you look, you see hobos trying to sell things -- hobos sitting on blankets piled with junk, hobos standing behind plywood-and-cinderblock counters piled with junk, hobos pushing shopping carts piled with junk, hobos calling from the doorways of small shacks piled with junk. Basically, there's a whole lot of hobos, and a whole lot of junk.

Still though, you might be able to find some junk that's actually useful. Stranger things have happened.

If you can read the signs:

You approach a nearby signpost and open your hobo glyphs binder. After a few moments, you manage to work out the meanings of the symbols:

Food Court

If you can not read the signs:

You approach a nearby signpost and squint at it for a while. Unfortunately, the squiggly hobo glyphs fail to resolve themselves into actual words for you, so it looks like you're stuck choosing a direction at random.

Wander over to the left
Wander over to the right
Wander over to the middle

(Each of these buttons randomly takes you to one of the destinations listed above.)


  • Accessed from the Marketplace Entrance adventure, which occurs in Hobopolis Town Square.
  • There are multiple variants of this adventure, one with choice adventure number 231, and one with number 232. Both adventures can occur with the image glyphsign1.gif or glyphsign2.gif.
  • Each time you go to any area in the hobo marketplace, glyphs are semi-randomly chosen based on the themes of what the sign leads to (each sign might be representable by 1-3 different glyphs). Translating all three glyphs in your hobo code binder (which must be equipped) enables you to read the signs. The more glyphs you learn, the less likely it is that the signs will be unreadable.
  • See The Hobo Marketplace Table to get a tree-type view of the marketplace.