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The purpose of this table is to make The Hobo Marketplace in Hobopolis a little easier to navigate. Most items in the marketplace require hobo nickels to purchase. Navigating the marketplace in-game usually requires a collection of hobo codes.

Food Court

Food and booze may be purchased at the market; these are consumed immediately (i.e., they do not go into your inventory). For any given adventurer in the dungeon, a maximum of one food item and one booze item can be purchased during a single dungeon instance.

Choices Nickels Result
(5 Full)
Big Merv's Protein Shakes Buy a shake 20
Suddenly Salad! Buy a salad 20
Sizzling Weasel On a Stick Buy a weasel 20
  • 60-80 Adventures
  • 200-400 Smarm
  • 5 fullness
(5 Drunk)
Arthur Finn's World-Record Homebrew Stout Try the stout 20
Mad Jack's Corn Squeezery Buy some corn squeezins 20
Bathtub Jimmy's Gin Mill Buy some gin 20
  • 40-60 Adventures
  • 500-1000 Smarm
  • 5 drunkenness
Muggers N/A Fight a gang of hobo muggers


You can also shop for items in the market. However, only the valuable trinkets can be traded in The Mall of Loathing.

Choices Nickels Result
Garment District Hats
(Power: 200
Req: 200 Mox)
Buy a fedora 250 crumpled felt fedora
Buy a top-hat 150 battered old top-hat
Buy a wide-brimmed hat 200 shapeless wide-brimmed hat
(Power: 200
Req: 200 Mox)
Buy some leggings 200 mostly rat-hide leggings
Buy some dungarees 150 hobo dungarees
Buy some suit-pants 250 old patched suit-pants
(Req: 200 Mys)
Buy the shoes 250 old soft shoes
Buy the stogie 200 hobo stogie
  • +100% Physical Damage against Hobos
Buy the soap 150 rope with some soap on it
Housewares Tools
(Combat Items)
Buy a sharpened hubcap 10 sharpened hubcap (400-500 phys. damage, chance of insta-kill)
Buy an extra-large caltrop 10 very large caltrop (stuns for multiple rounds)
Buy The Six-Pack of Pain 10 The Six-Pack of Pain (muscle-based damage, delevels)
Combat N/A Fight a gang of hobo muggers
Entertainment Music
(Without class instrument)
Buy a musical instrument
(Class instruments require 150 mainstat)
99 sealskin drum (SC)
99 washboard shield (TT)
99 spaghetti-box banjo (P)
99 marinara jug (S)
99 makeshift castanets (DB)
  • +10 damage to Disco Bandit Combat Skills
99 left-handed melodica (AT)
(With class instrument)
Buy a triangle 10 dinged-up triangle
Pets Pets (Monkey) 1000 hobo monkey
Pets N/A Glurk
Pets N/A Fight a gang of hobo muggers
Showgirls N/A Fight a gang of hobo muggers
Driftwood Animals Buy some crap 10 3 valuable trinkets


"Health care" services are also available in the market.

Choices Nickels Result
Trepanation 0 Trepandation (20 Adventures)
Tanning Salon Get a Deep Tan 5 Healthy Bronze Glow (20 Adventures)
Go Beyond the Pale 5 Chalky White Pallor (20 Adventures)
Self-Improvement Educational Films Watch the horror movie 5 Educated (Kinda) (20 Adventures)
Watch the...other movie 5 Educated (Sorta) (20 Adventures)
YMHA Check out the sauna room 5 The Sweats (20 Adventures)
Check out the weightlifting room 5 It Didn't Kill You (20 Adventures)
Body Modifications Tattoos (Get a tattoo) 20*N Augment your Hobo Tattoo
Piercings N/A Fight a gang of hobo muggers
Hooked Up 0

Restores all MP
Hooked Up (20 Adventures)

  • Moxie -100%
  • Restores 10-15 MP in each of the first five combat rounds