The LAAAAME Observatory Memorial

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The LAAAME Observatory Memorial

The LAAAAME Observatory Memorial is located on the The Museum's Second Floor in Seaside Town.

A high-tech animated plaque on the wall reads:
Most Enthusiastic Astronomers:
Player Turns Spent Stargazing:
GpHerder 5,103
nilreM 5,100
LucySpace 5,049
Rev Noodlyson 4,704
Crawly 4,700
justhappytobehere 4,641
pcentella 4,625
Ben Adril 4,574
KoLcat001 4,452
thelAStStraightsanfransiscan 4,444
Honus Carbuncle 4,433
Biblio1 4,380
TheNice1 4,233
Cardern 4,010
Tortica 4,002
pinkocommie 3,979
AkAhAd 3,573
Baltar 3,458
meat sink 3,407
Kartok 3,375

Please note that these are listed in the order presented in The Cannon Museum.

Distant Objects Discovered:

Towersect.gif The Sorceress's Tower
Discovered by Antipode at 2006-05-14 21:08:48
Chamber0.gif The Sorceress's Chamber
Discovered by UniqueUsername at 2006-05-14 21:10:33
Sun.gif The Sun
Discovered by Great Skeeve at 2006-05-15 05:35:53
Mclargehuge.gif Mt. McLargeHuge
Discovered by Cthules at 2006-05-14 21:15:56
Airship.gif The Penultimate Fantasy Airship
Discovered by Terrabull at 2006-05-14 21:06:18
Castle.gif The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky
Discovered by Beezel at 2006-05-14 21:09:18
Astronomer.gif The Astronomer
Discovered by UberMonkey at 2006-05-14 21:22:53
Oneeyed.gif One-Eyed Willie
Discovered by grblpwr at 2006-05-14 21:28:18
Tsnake.gif The Trouser Snake
Discovered by Dehstil at 2006-05-14 21:10:50
Jewels.gif The Family Jewels
Discovered by padmaclynne at 2006-05-14 21:25:20
Thejunk.gif The Junk
Discovered by Themara at 2006-05-14 21:24:15
Porksword.gif The Pork Sword
Discovered by UncreativeName at 2006-05-14 21:27:36
Hooded.gif The Hooded Warrior
Discovered by Zap Rowsdower at 2006-05-14 21:29:09
Hole.gif The Hole in the Sky
Discovered by bewaremypinky at 2006-05-14 21:29:25
Bishop.gif The Burrowing Bishop
Discovered by Mr Hardnoodle at 2006-05-15 02:48:06
Twigberry.gif The Twig and Berries
Discovered by Terrance at 2006-05-14 22:25:28
Skinflute.gif The Skinflute
Discovered by VlZION at 2006-05-14 21:27:26
1337.gif The 1337 Nebula
Ronald0looney.gif Ronald
Discovered by Roo at 2006-05-14 21:35:14
Grimace0qwerty.gif Grimace
Discovered by Antipode at 2006-05-14 23:35:04
Mtnoob.gif Mt. Noob
Discovered by Binary Stars at 2006-05-14 21:21:55
AsteroidPants.gif The Asteroid Pants
Discovered by Palpy at 2006-05-21 14:20:25
End.gif The End of the Universe
Discovered by Ravana at 2006-05-18 18:45:51
Boned.gif The Fibula Nebula
Discovered by wexler at 2006-05-18 22:08:51
Caligula.gif The Caligula Nebula
Discovered by Becca at 2006-05-18 19:56:40
Bolly.gif Planet Bollywood
Discovered by DuckApe at 2006-05-19 21:08:19
Marsbar.gif The Snickers Galaxy
Discovered by AnalAvenger at 2006-05-19 00:45:17
Mongo32d8.gif The Mongoose
Discovered by Sputbot at 2006-05-18 21:11:24
Wall73a9.gif The Wallaby
Discovered by Skiam1 at 2006-05-18 23:18:45
Vol184q9.gif The Vole
Discovered by Lexicon at 2006-05-18 22:24:10
Platyponic.gif The Platypus
Discovered by ShacklefordiusDumbassius at 2006-05-19 00:32:06
Opo08r0.gif The Opossum
Discovered by none at 2006-05-18 19:52:01
Marm0l0t.gif The Marmot
Discovered by Keo the Quick at 2006-05-18 23:55:03
Womb8a8y.gif The Wombat
Discovered by LCJS at 2006-05-18 22:01:31
Blend28f28.gif The Blender
Discovered by Alexandrine at 2006-05-18 23:43:45
Pack547s.gif The Packrat
Discovered by Quasistoic at 2006-05-18 22:49:19
Dogmilk.gif The Dog's Milk Asteroid
Discovered by FaQ at 2006-05-21 08:57:22
Ricky.gif Lucy
Discovered by Mettle at 2006-05-19 07:11:00
Spirits.gif The Spirit in the Sky
Discovered by Blackknightofhell at 2006-05-19 06:55:25
Redhole.gif A Red Hole
Love.gif A Lovely Satellite
Discovered by Sparkythewonderstoat at 2006-05-20 13:41:00
Ncc1701.gif Distant Galaxy NCC-1701
Discovered by Kanna at 2006-05-18 21:58:13
8675309.gif Distant Galaxy 867-5309
Discovered by Tabereins at 2006-05-24 00:40:20
Borg12.gif The Sinister Dodecahedron
Discovered by BlackMage at 2006-05-19 21:56:45
Eddie.gif Eddie
Discovered by MysticMelvin at 2006-05-18 23:44:47
Tom.gif Major Tom
Discovered by Urkle at 2006-05-19 10:14:52
Sunhole.gif Black Hole Sun
Discovered by Boel at 2006-05-20 04:26:26
Prince.gif Asteroid B-612
Discovered by stuffandthings at 2006-05-21 05:04:16
Spacetrain.gif A Funk-Powered Space Train
Discovered by Brent Oberlin at 2006-05-20 00:12:59
Uhoh.gif A Small Moon
Discovered by Rollo Tomasi at 2006-06-01 11:19:56
B5ds9.gif Oh My God, They're Docking
Discovered by SweetLovin at 2006-05-31 21:45:19
Spath.gif The Eluder
Discovered by Noskilz at 2006-05-20 23:20:52
Cased.gif The Kasem Nebula
Discovered by aflyingevilcow at 2006-05-19 13:44:39
Ubermensch.gif Hail to the Space, Baby
Discovered by Tralk at 2006-05-18 20:19:32
Yummm.gif Mmmm, Pie.
Discovered by D_W at 2006-05-22 15:50:51
Omicron.gif Omicron Persei VIII
Discovered by doomnloom at 2006-05-19 17:29:35
Surfer.gif The Zinc Surfer
Discovered by Spooky666 at 2006-05-22 17:50:55
Goo.gif A Ball of Gray Goo
Discovered by HolderOfSecrets at 2006-05-30 04:18:25
Discwhirled.gif Compact-Round-Thing World
Discovered by Motty at 2006-05-19 08:33:29
Moby.gif A Very Surprised-Looking Whale
Discovered by Doctor Eleven at 2006-05-18 19:30:15
Barred.gif The Space Bar
Discovered by Grumblezz at 2006-06-02 03:08:58
Pardner.gif Space Cowboy
Discovered by AkAhAd at 2006-05-30 14:17:53
90210.gif Distant Galaxy 90210
Discovered by DILLIGAF_2005 at 2006-05-19 04:24:17
404d.gif Distant Galaxy NGC-404
Discovered by squeedude at 2006-05-20 12:48:21
55378008.gif Distant Galaxy 55378008
Lobstah.gif The Rock Lobster Nebula
Discovered by Teriyaki Thaumaturge at 2006-05-19 01:31:03
Nebulaz.gif The Nebulous Nebula
Discovered by Digger T Stone at 2006-05-18 21:42:14
Xerthq3.gif An Insignificant Little Blue-Green Planet
Discovered by shalena at 2006-05-21 11:40:05
Filmphone.gif Distant Galaxy 555-FILM
Discovered by Tonedeaf Duff at 2006-05-19 06:26:43
Thx1138.gif Distant Galaxy THX-1138
Discovered by jolly man2 at 2006-05-19 12:56:43
Haiku.gif Distant Galaxy NGC-575
Discovered by raspberrybuddha at 2006-05-18 21:15:09
Stapler.gif The Stapler Nebula
Discovered by hoolahoophug at 2006-05-20 07:04:26
Comet.gif A Comet
Discovered by The Gift Shop Guy at 2006-05-25 20:30:00

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