The Last Temptation

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The Last Temptation
The Last Temptation

Frank says "We are 78% of the way through this thing, Chief. So close I can taste it. Or I would be able to, if I still had a tongue."

"Speaking of which," you say, "how are you talking, exactly?"

"Don't worry about it. Worry about this maze. And finishing it. By hugging the left wall."

You take a look around. There is a direct path from you to the exit. You can see the door at the base of the tower.

Frank says "You're killin' me, Chief. Please. Just stick to the left wall and let's get this over with."

Follow the left wall

You sigh loudly at Frank and continue along the left wall.

Nugglet.gifYou acquire an item: topiary nugglet

Frank says "Hug the left wall, havin' a ball. That's what I always say."

Go straight through

"No, Frank. I can see my goal and I am headed straight for it."

You march toward the tower as fast as your little feet will take you. Your little feet are slowed down somewhat by a tripwire, which triggers a... y'know those things where it's like a big metal grate with spikes all over it, on a spring-loaded swivel? One of those.

HPYou lose 300 hit points.

You unimpale yourself from the spikes and continue onward.


You lose consciousness from the blood loss. The last thing you hear is Frank clucking his lack of a tongue.

Occurs at The Hedge Maze.