The League of Chef-Magi

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The League of Chef-Magi can be found on the Right Side of the Tracks in the Seaside Town. This is where the Saucerors and Pastamancers learn their skills and buy their special goodies. Accordion Thieves may also enter Gouda's Grimoire and Grocery after level 9.

The League of Chef-Magi includes:


  • During a Zombie Slayer run, the League has been utterly reduced to rubble:

Chefmagi ruins.gif

There's nothing left of the League of Chef-Magi but a pile of smouldering rubble. It must have been destroyed in the fighting, or perhaps a dangerous magical experiment was interrupted at the wrong time. Fortunately, all the nearby buildings were magically fireproofed as per zoning regulations.
You bang on the boarded-up door for a while, but nobody answers.


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