The Marmot

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The Marmot

Marmots like to take things slow, but are more than capable of getting up to speed when necessary.


Unlocks Little Canadia
+10% to all Moxie Gains
Slight Resistance to All Elements (+1)


  • Originally, the Marmot gave a free ten-leaf clover each day, but was replaced with elemental resistance on Jan 1, 2022 with the introduction of the Lucky! mechanic.
    You received your clover at the end of a combat (or non-combat?) adventure (probably within the first ten turns), with the following text:
You look down and notice a ten-leaf clover at your feet. Then you look up at the stars and smile. Then you look back down and pick up the clover.
Clover.gifYou acquire an item: ten-leaf clover
  • The method and message for obtaining clovers differed prior to May 17, 2011:
  • The Marmot sign can only give clovers during standard non-combat adventures; it can not trigger during non-combat choice adventures. Clover Adventures (adventures that consume a clover) can trigger the Marmot.
  • The message was:
After all that happens, you look down and notice a ten-leaf clover. How lucky!
Clover.gifYou acquire an item: ten-leaf clover

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