The Master Suite -- Sweet!

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The Master Suite -- Sweet!
The Master Suite -- Sweet!

You're in the old Duke's master suite -- the guy had taste, you have to give him that. A massive four-poster bed dominates the room, and four posters of well-dressed bed salesmen adorn the walls.

A big, complicated-looking loom sits in one corner of the room -- the Duchess must've been a seamstress. Or maybe the Duke was a seamster, I guess.

A silver whistle on a silver chain hangs from a silver nail next to the wide-open picture window (which is not made of silver, because silver lacks the key window feature of transparency.)

Blow the whistle
You blow the whistle as hard as you can. You don't hear anything, but it must've made a sound, because you hear a chorus of agonized howling rise up in the forest in response.
(Fewer werewolves will appear in the forest now)

Check the nightstand
All of the drawers of the nightstand are empty, but you follow a hunch and check behind it. The hunch pays off in the form of a bottle of fine brandy! Thanks, hunch!
Dv eau.gifYou acquire an item: eau de mort

Mess with the loom
You feed 10 ghost threads into the loom and work the slidey thing back and forth. As if of its own accord, it produces a nifty shawl!
Ghostshawl.gifYou acquire an item: ghost shawl
  • Otherwise:

You mess around with the loom a little bit, but you can't make heads or tails of it.

Leave the suite
You demonstrate your mastery over the suite by leaving it.

Occurs at The Old Duke's Estate in the Dreadsylvanian Village.