The Neandermall

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The Neandermall

The Neandermall is found in The Time-Twitching Tower.

Gronk the Neanderthal
Gronk the Neanderthal

You go into the shop and see the proprietor, a Neanderthal, standing behind a stone counter on which several items are laid out for sale.

He points at them and grunts. Would you like to point at any of them and grunt back?

Items Sold

Item: Price:
Dinoribs.gif rack of dinosaur ribs Chroner.gif 25
Scotchrocks.gif scotch on the rocks Chroner.gif 25
Loincloth.gif wooly loincloth Chroner.gif 100
Yabbadabba.gif yabba dabba doo rag Chroner.gif 100
Foss amm.gif strange helix fossil Chroner.gif 300

You have:
Chroner.gif X Chroners

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  • This store was created during the Twitch Livestream World Event II (June 22, 2014).
  • The prices for consumables was 5 chroner before Oct 13, 2015.