The Nuge

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The Nuge
Monster ID 1534
Locations A Mob of Zeppelin Protesters (ultra-rarely)
Hit Points 180
Attack 155
Defense 150
Initiative always
Meat None
Phylum dude
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts head, arm, leg, torso
The Nuge's favorite crossbow
refreshedit data
The Nuge You're fighting The Nuge

Legend tells of a singer and outdoorsman who went feral and vanished into the depths of the wilderness after succumbing to a cat scratch.

Legend will shortly tell of how that singer and outdoorsman murdered you with a crossbow.

Hit Message(s):

He snaps his fingers, and you are trampled by a great white buffalo.

He dances a Wango Tango, poking you in the eye several times in the process.

He is overcome with the Spirit of the Wild, who becomes red in tooth and claw with blood from your neck.

Critical Hit Message:

He gets you in a stranglehold, and squeezes you half to death.

Miss Message(s):

He tries to summon a great white buffalo, but you convince him that those things are extinct.

He dances a Wango Tango, but it takes two for that, and you're not playing along.

He is overcome with the Spirit of the Wild, but the Spirit of the Wild just wants to lounge around and eat some foliage right now.

Fumble Message:

He tries to get you in a stranglehold, but your neck is too sweaty for him to get a good grip. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Nugebow.gifYou acquire an item: The Nuge's favorite crossbow

If you lose the fight:

You are knocked to the ground. As the monster walks off, he drops a white ribbon.
Ribbon.gifYou acquire an item: consolation ribbon (100% chance)*

Occurs at A Mob of Zeppelin Protesters, ultra-rarely.


  • This monster cannot be copied.


  • Became animated at an unknown date on or before May 26, 2014.


  • Clearly a portrayal of Ted Nugent, an American rock/country star who's a proponent of hunting and weaponry ownership.