The Oracle Will See You Now

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The Oracle Will See You Now
The Oracle Will See You Now

You're teleported to a room beneath the Enormous Greater-Than Sign, in which you encounter a curious thing -- it appears to be a giant at sign, surrounded on all sides by some weird hook-shaped things.

All of a sudden, unfamiliar words coalesce in your mind. You are told that this particular at sign is, in fact, The Oracle, and you are presented with three choices.

Leave the Oracle

"Have it your way." says the Oracle. "Right away. At Delphi now."

Pay for a minor consultation (100 Meat)

The Oracle speaks:

"Your Minor Consultation is this: You should've paid for the Major Consulation. Thank you for your patronage."

Meat.gifYou lose 100 Meat.

Pay for a major consultation (1,000 Meat)

The Oracle speaks:

"Your Major Consultation is this: That plus sign you've been hanging on to? It's actually a book. Read it."

Meat.gifYou lose 1,000 Meat.

Occurs at The Enormous Greater-Than Sign (if you have a Teleportitis-like effect active and have the item, plus sign).


  • Once you have paid for a major consultation, this adventure will no longer reoccur (becomes one-time).
  • If you have the Teleportitis effect active and have the item plus sign, this adventure is superlikely, with a chance of 33%.
  • If you do not have enough meat to pay for an option and choose it, you will not lose a turn.


  • The title of this adventure is a quote from the popular sci-fi movie The Matrix, in which the protagonist Neo visits the Oracle.
  • As with everything else that occurs in The Enormous Greater-Than Sign, this is a reference to the computer game NetHack, where you meet the Oracle of Delphi at a random point between levels 5-9 of the Dungeons of Doom. The Oracle of Delphi is, in turn, a reference to the ancient Greek Oracles of Delphi. The "hook-shaped things" in the room are fountains, always found in the Oracle's chamber as seen in the adventure graphic.
  • The "Leave" option text is a reference to a Burger King slogan.