The Pigs holo-record

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The Pigs holo-record
The Pigs holo-record

This is the most popular single from The Pigs' debut album, Let's Eat Everything Everywhere. Their later albums weren't as popular, because they were a pretty one-note band, by which I mean every single one of their songs consisted of the same note played over and over again while they shouted the names of different foods.

Type: potion
Effect: Record Hunger (10 Adventures)Food gives 100% more Adventures
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: The Pigs holo-records)
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Item number: 9114
Description ID: 844450292
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Obtained From

Underground Record Store (1,000 Meat)

When Used

You pop the holo-record into your Wrist-Boy and hit play. The song is almost immediately drowned out by the sound of your stomach growling.
Record.gifYou acquire an effect: Record Hunger
(duration: 10 Adventures)
  • With a holo-record effect active:
There's already a record playing on your Wrist-Boy.


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