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The Plunger's Office is located in the Degrassi Knoll, if you ascended under the Mongoose, Wallaby, or Vole moon sign, where the Restroom is located otherwise.

He can combine your items for free without the use of meat paste.

Dk plunger.gif
Welcome, Citizen. I am known as The Plunger. If you've got anything you need pasted together, I'm your Gnoll. I've learned to use the vacuum created by my plunger as a substitute for Meat Paste. It doesn't cost a thing!

(Go to your crafting page to avail yourself of The Plunger's services.)


  • Upon successful creation:
    The Plunger takes your items, fuses them together by mashing them with his plunger, and hands you the result.
SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]


  • In a Zombie Slayer run, the Plunger has vanished, and his services are unavailable:
    The Plunger appears to have appears to have gotten the heck out of Dodge, or rather Degrassi. Although, you find his plunger sitting in the corner, and that's sort of worrying. Surely he wouldn't have left without it?


  • Prior to the Degrassi Knoll revamp, The Plunger used to look like this:
The Plunger
  • Also prior to the revamp, players were able to meat-paste items at The Plunger's (although meat-pasting in the crafting page did the same thing). Crafting an item at The Plunger's and being unsuccessful at creating something gave this message:
    Those items don't combine to make anything, Citizen. Perhaps we should try something else.