The Popular Machine

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The Popular Machine
The Popular Machine

A note on the counter next to the popular machine contains the following simple instructions:

Insert 1 wad dough, 1 strawberry, and 1 glob of icing. Press red button. Wait.

When you don't have the necessary ingredients:

Unfortunately, you don't have the right ingredients to use the machine.

When you do have the ingredients:

You rummage through your sack and discover that you have all of the ingredients on the list. Hooray!

Put the ingredients into the machine.

You drop the ingredients into the popular machine, press the red button and let it do its work. A few minutes later, a popular tart springs out of a slot on the top.

Poptart.gifYou acquire an item: popular tart


Leave the machine alone

You step away from the popular machine.

Leads to Heart of Madness

Occurs after fixing the popular machine in Heart of Madness.