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Clay dice The RNG (#[random])
Level [random]
Inscrutable Force (NPC)

The RNG (#1000000) is an official in-game character created by the game admins to represent the Random Number Generator, the source of all good and bad luck in the Kingdom. Due to its nature, its player ID and experience level are randomly generated every time they are viewed, whether from a /whois report in chat or from viewing its character profile page.

Currently, the RNG's level is displayed as 20 in its clan, also named the RNG.

The RNG currently sports a Fuzzy Dice familiar (holding a lead necklace) named 2D20, and randomly changes its outfit depending on its mood -- it often wears demonskin gear, representing a common player attitude that The RNG is 'evil' (particularly if the player has just come into bad luck from the Random Number Generator). It also has a Frobozz Real-Estate Company Instant House (TM) in its campground.

Those who would mock The RNG openly or beg to it for favorable adventure results (a common tactic in /hardcore) have been reported to be Cursed by The RNG for 100 Adventures.

Those who would be kind and respectful to The RNG may be more likely to be Blessed by the RNG for 100 Adventures.

The only player number consistently associated with The RNG is 1000000, revealed by trying to KMail The RNG. Every time you KMail it you get 1000000, while doing /whois 1000000 provides a link to The RNG's profile.

A game of Alice's Army played against the RNG results in no player name being entered for the RNG. ie, if you were to play against the RNG, the leaderboard would say *blank* vs 'Player Name'.

In The RNG's display case there are a number of 8-balls, Goats, and stuffed angry cows, under the label "Sacrificial Altar."


  • 2D20, the name of The RNG's familiar, is a reference to many RPGs which use the standard #D# notation for rolling dice, in which rolling "2D20" would mean to roll a twenty-sided die twice.
  • Similarly, the lead necklace held by the Fuzzy Dice may indicate that the dice are loaded (most probably in the RNG's favor).