The Scrapheap

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The Scrapheap replaces The Campground in the You, Robot special challenge path.

Here you can find:

  • Activate the Chronolith
    • Spend energy to gain 10 Adventures.
    • Initial cost is 10 energy and costs more energy with each subsequent use. Cost resets at rollover.
    • With insufficient energy: "You don't have enough energy!"
    • When used:
You plug into the Chronolith and activate it. What a miraculous device.
EnergyYou use X Energy.
AdventuresYou gain 10 Adventures.
  • Collect Energy
    • Spend 1 Adventure to gain energy.
    • Initial gain is 25 energy. Decreases by 15% after each use. Resets at rollover.
      • Initial gain per day is increased by 1 per normal (softcore) ascension, 2 per hardcore ascension, up to a maximum of 37.
    • With no Adventures: "You don't have time to power up right now."
    • When used:
You hook yourself up to the downed power line and recharge your batteries.
EnergyYou gain X Energy.
  • Reassembly Station
  • Scavenge Scrap
    • Spend 1 Adventure to gain 4-6 scrap and heal 50 HP.
      • First scavenge of the ascension is increased by 3 per normal (softcore) ascension, 6 per hardcore ascension, up to a maximum of 37.
    • With no adventures: "You don't have time to spelunk for scrap right now."
    • When used:
You venture into the middle of the Scrapheap, where all the best scrap is.
ScrapYou gain scrap
You grab a little bit of extra metal and use it to fill in some of your dings and dents.
HPYou gain 50 hit points.


  • Energy cost for the Chronolith increases by 1 after each use for each of the first 37 uses (10, 11, 12, 13, etc). After 37 uses, the energy cost is doubled (45, 46, 47, 96, 98, 100).
    • Prior to 2021/03/16, Chronolith energy cost only increased by 1 each time, leading to... shenanigans.