The Ship's Kitchen

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The Ship's Kitchen
The Ship's Kitchen

You are in the kitchen of the alien spacecraft. Apparently their technology is sufficiently advanced that the entire kitchen consists of a single big red button next to a hole in the wall.

Press the button

You press the button on the wall. A little camera emerges, scans your body and drops an item into the chute appropriate to your metabolic profile:

  • If you are a Muscle class:
Powderpile2.gifYou acquire an item: alien protein powder
  • or, if you are a Mysticality class:
Baguette.gifYou acquire an item: loaf of alien bread
  • or, if you are a Moxie class:
Redmin.gifYou acquire an item: rocket fuel

Since you can't stand the heat, or the same joke being told over and over and over, you get out of the kitchen.

Occurs at The Crash Site of an Alien Spaceship From Space.