The Styx Pixie

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The Styx Pixie

The Styx Pixie is located in sunny Hey Deze. The Pixie will give you various effects from the water of the river Styx. Only players who have ascended with a Bad Moon zodiac sign can access this store.

The Styx Pixie Hello, Adventurer! This is the river Styx, and I am the Styx pixie. Would you like to sample the water of the river? It comes in a variety of delicious flavors!

Using the water from the Styx, I can give you an invigorating rubdown, a mind-expanding draught, or a provocative cologne.


Oh, but wait. You've already sampled the Styx today. Come back tomorrow for some more!

Go for the rubdown

The pixie wets her hands in the river and gives you a vigorous rubdown. Your muscles begin to tingle.

Strboost.gifYou acquire an effect: Hella Tough
(duration: 10 Adventures)

Expand your mind

The pixie dips a tiny cup in the river, sprinkles some glowing blue dust into it, and hands it to you. You drink it in a single gulp.

Mortarboard.gifYou acquire an effect: Hella Smart
(duration: 10 Adventures)

Opt for the cologne

The pixie fills a spray bottle with water from the river, and gives you a good hosing-down with it. Smells nice!

Roundglasses.gifYou acquire an effect: Hella Smooth
(duration: 10 Adventures)


  • It may be used one time per day.
  • Effects:
Buff Stat Bonus
Hella Tough +25% Muscle +10 weapon damage, +5 damage reduction
Hella Smart +25% Mysticality +10-15 MP/turn, +15 spell damage
Hella Smooth +25% Moxie +40% meat drops, +20% item drops


  • The Styx Pixie is a reference to the powdered candy Pixy Stix.
  • In Greek mythology the dead were ferried across the river Styx.